“One of the most interesting ones I’ve played”: Game of Thrones Actor Joe Dempsie on Playing Nick in Pieces of Her on Netflix

“One of the most interesting ones I’ve played”: Game of Thrones Actor Joe Dempsie on Playing Nick in Pieces of Her on Netflix

Acting is a tough job. Many actors do not get their break-out role till they are in their 40s. So when an actor gets a part that shoots them to stardom while they are in just their 20s, it is a big deal. That is what happened to English actor Joe Dempsie, who starred in the critically-acclaimed teen show Skins. Moreover, he, later on, went to star in the super successful HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones. The highly successful actor is back in Netflix’s psychological thriller Pieces of Her.

The series started streaming on Netflix on March 4th, and is being received warmly among the fans. In a recent interview, Joe Dempsie talked about his role and his life as an actor.

Joe Dempsie on his role in Pieces of Her

Netflix’s Pieces of Her is a thriller drama about a mother whose past comes back to haunt her and her family. And throughout the show, the daughter tries to put together her mother’s fragmented past. Joe Dempsie plays Nick Harp on the show, a gray character who is the central piece of the puzzle.

While talking about the complexity of his character in the show, Joe said that “Nick Harp is a very complex character and is probably one of the most interesting ones I’ve played.”  

Joe also commented that to play such an interesting character, he had to design a back story, especially about his troubled childhood. “He grew up in Detroit in the late 60s, which was a turbulent time. There were race riots there, so a lot of families fled to the suburbs. I took that as a starting point and decided that Nick was probably a bit of an outsider growing up,” the actor said.

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Why did Joe accept the role on the show?

Pieces of Her has an incredible cast of some of the most acclaimed actors. The list includes the likes of Bella Heathcote, Jessica Barden, and Toni Collette. So naturally, when asked about his reasons for joining the show, Joe replied that when he saw the impressive cast of the show, he already wanted to be a part of it. “Before I even read the script, having so many people in this project already made me feel like I want to do this job.” 

Dempsie has worked with Jessica Barden before, who plays his girlfriend janes role in the show. Also, Minnie Spiro, who directs the show, also directed Joe on the sets of Skins.

What is his favorite role?

When you have worked on two such grand and successful shows like Skins and Game of Thrones, there are bound to be characters that you resonate with more than others. Similarly, Joe feels that his role of Chris is the one he feels is the one people identify with the most. He calls the part of Chris “the most enduring out of any I’ve played.” He thinks that his role of Gendry in Game of Thrones, even though being a very fun and enjoyable experience, did not allow him to study him in depth.

Pieces of Her is currently streaming exclusively on Netflix. Watch the show and let us know if you enjoyed Joe Dempsie’s performance or not?

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