“One of the many reasons why they’re two …” – James Gunn Lauds Grant Morrison and Alan Moore for Their Vision of Superman

“One of the many reasons why they’re two …” – James Gunn Lauds Grant Morrison and Alan Moore for Their Vision of Superman

The past few years, Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe have played a huge part in bringing comic book heroes to the big screens. Time and again, both franchises have brought a plethora of superheroes and villains to life with various films and shows. However, only a handful enjoy the massive fan following like the Man of Steel a.k.a. Superman. And unsurprisingly, directing a movie with a character as popular as Superman is not a simple task.

Clark Kent is one of the most popular superheroes there is. The Man of Steel enjoys a rich history and has influenced a huge number of pop culture references as well. Owing to the massive popularity and history that surrounds the character, many writers struggle to describe the character in an efficient manner. However, Grant Morrison and Alan Moore felt otherwise. And recently, James Gunn took to Twitter as he lauded the writers for their vision.

James Gunn calls Alan Moore and Grant Morrison the greatest

The new DC boss has always been very active on social media platforms. Gunn announces all the major updates about DC and even addresses various fan queries about the franchise on his Twitter account. Recently, a user took to Twitter to praise Morrison and Moore as writers who truly understood the character of Superman.

The user wrote, “Grant Morrison and Alan Moore describing Superman>> They really get it.” While Morrison described Superman as a metaphor, Moore, on the other hand, called Superman as a sun that all others revolve around.

Soon after, Gunn took time to respond as he nodded in agreement with the user. The Suicide Squad director replied, “One of the many reasons why they’re two of the greatest.” Apart from Gunn, a number of other DC fans flooded the comments. While some backed the user, others claimed that the two writers were describing Henry Cavill’s version of Superman.

Meanwhile, a few users took an indirect jibe at Gunn while pointing out how Zack Snyder’s version of the character was more accurate than the others. They claimed how Snyder was the only one who did not make Superman look weak.


What does Gunn have in mind for Superman following the exit of Henry Cavill?

Not long ago, Gunn took time to address the fans’ queries about what the future holds for Superman after Henry Cavill. He revealed how Cavill does not fit his vision of the character. Meanwhile, the new boss even announced an upcoming Superman project. If rumors are to be believed, Gunn is likely to direct the upcoming Superman movie.

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