One Condition: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Need To Follow THIS to Be At The Royal Coronation of King Charles

One Condition: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Need To Follow THIS to Be At The Royal Coronation of King Charles

As the date for the coronation of King Charles III inches closer, there has arisen another major dig at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Keeping in view the striking differences between his Queen consort, Camilla, and son Harry, the King has taken a massive step to keep any possible humiliations at bay. Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, are posed with another condition failing which the King would not be inviting the couple to his coronation ceremony.

The entire fiasco revolves around the upcoming book by Prince Harry. There had forever been a sour relationship between Harry and his stepmother. The Duke was always under the impression that Camilla was in a place that was never hers. The seat of the United Kingdom’s Queen, according to Harry, always belonged to his mother, Lady Diana. Rumors had it that the distressed son was to address this in his upcoming book. 

King Charles to allow Prince Harry and Meghan Markle under one condition

Evidently, this would have proved a direct shot at Camilla. Nevertheless, once again showing his unconditional affection for his Queen, King Charles has come up with a strategy. Sources reveal that should Prince Harry write any word of insult to the present Queen, King Charles is to ban the Prince from attending his coronation ceremony. Harry and Meghan are allowed to attend the event in perfect peace and harmony without any bones to pick with their stepmother, Camila. Failing to meet the clause, the couple will once again be sidelined during a vital Royal event. 

As it was, The King always shared a complex relationship with the younger son, Harry. The prince, who is a stern believer in working along with rending off royal duties like his mother Diana, married the former American actress, Meghan Markle. Ever since, things had turned worse between him and the Royal Family. Before the sad demise of the Queen, there had been no engagements between the two. However, both father and son put up a united front for the Queen’s funeral. 

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According to the aforementioned clause, it is to see whom the Prince chooses. In response to the father’s condition, there have been no answers from Harry’s side yet. However, we will make sure to deliver the latest news about the same. Share your thoughts about the said matter in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “One Condition: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Need To Follow THIS to Be At The Royal Coronation of King Charles

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    October 31, 2022 at 4:19 am

    The King should not give titles to grandchildren until they are 25. With MM trying to get Archie into show business, it is apparent they may not want to be Royals, and follow rules. One never knows. But MM will use the title to get all she wants. Do not fall into that trap. The Duke and Duchess titles should be taken away until they show respect. In my opinion, this will never happen.
    My recollection is that MM knew to research up protocol on the internet. She even told KM that the rules say little girls wear long tights under bridesmaids dresses. And she made KM cried. This was posted some where. Aldo, who brought brought up she was black. She married a “white?) man first . She looked light she was white. She hing around with whites. When she dated Harry she was living with a white famous chef in Canada. Her Mom does not look 100% black.
    William offered his secretary or someone who worked for him to hrlp her adjust. She turned down. Someone who worked for the queen asked the queen if the baby would be dark skin or light skin. His wife was making a sweater, etc and she wanted a good color for the baby. Believe the queen answered any color would be good. Camillia made a light joke about what the baby’s hair would be like. Believe Harry was present. The Royal Family has minorities in their bloodline. They cannot afford to be prejudiced. MM thought she could marry Harry and out do everyone. She can be a good actress. She would not accept she was down the totem pole. All this drama is a good acting gig for her. Take away their titles and they will hsve to live a normal life like the rest of us. She can go back to acting. As long as she has the title she will continue to bash the family. Take it away from both of them, they will be nothing. I read some stuff, believe most of it, and laugh st her as most people do. she had alienated her family sans Grandma babysitter. So it is normal to alienate Harry’s family. He need a lot of mental health. He blames his step mom and his dad, but what about Diana. She was a beautiful person, but had her faults. Some I understand, but had “male friends” while Charles had Camillia. I know I will be criticized, but I have a good memory and a right to speak thru writing.

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    November 1, 2022 at 2:46 am

    Both Charles & Diana weren’t perfect but he did do Diana dirty. She was looking for love, all they wanted was a virgin to give birth to the heir. Funny Camilla thought Kate wasn’t good enough for William &that she’s better than Kate but Charles & Camilla couldn’t marry while the queen mother was alive. Ironic isn’t. I feel sorry for William & Kate but Charles & Camilla are reaping what they sowed. Megan is using the race card to get her way. They lied on Oprah & she has successfully alienated him from his family just as she’s trashed her family. She’s a narcissistic idiot but she’s convinced poor Harry that she’s Dianna 2.0 which she definitely is not. I feel sorry for him because he was looking for love & found it in the wrong place with a D class actress.

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