On the Top: Kanye West Still Rules Hearts as Fans Laud the ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ Rapper with a Top Spot on Musicians Lists

On the Top: Kanye West Still Rules Hearts as Fans Laud the ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ Rapper with a Top Spot on Musicians Lists

Is Kanye West the number-one artist? Not everyone may agree with that opinion, but most of his fans do share this sentiment. The ‘Donda’ singer is known for his songs, which are often based on capitalism, minimalism, and deeper thoughts. While he started off as a producer, the success led him to divert his career into rapping.

RapTV recently took to Twitter, to ask fans how they would rank Kanye West in their All-Time favorite list. The majority of social media users put him at the top of the illustrious charts and gave proper reasoning for the same. Although the singer has not dropped a full-fledged album in quite some time, he manages to remain a trending topic in one or another way.

For fans of hip-hop and rap, Ye changed the scenario of how the category looks and sounds. Unlike guns, chains, and gangsta rap, West’s music tends to be a mix of classic hip-hop with a sophisticated modern/futuristic touch to it. His ‘College Dropout’ album was represented with a teddy bear in glasses, which in itself was a curving point from how rap has been seen.

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While he has certainly lost a few admirers because of his opinions, those who love him for his music hailed him without hesitation.

How twitterati ranked Kanye West for his rap music

Kanye West is a man of many skills, but he is most loved for his music. So when the question of the best rapper arises, fans put him right in the number one position. Back to his answer, one commentator stated how Ye not only influenced music but also fashion, pop culture, diversified styles, and much more.

Now, nay-sayers oppose the choice since he is also a controversial figure and has offended many people as a result of his opinions. But another fan defended the ‘Gold Digger’ singer by stating how the music should be kept separate from the musician.

One commentator also stated how the rapper’s achievements and awards speak for themselves. He has a total of 24 Grammy Awards, which make up part of the 273 awards he has won in total. As for his music, even celebrities have sung praises and taken inspiration from the singer. Plus, his mother was an English professor, and he began producing at a young age, both of which added to the finished results of his music.

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On which rank would you place Kanye West in the list of Best All-Time rappers? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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