“On the second visit he gave me a…” – How Kanye West Helped Lil Wayne With Tha Carter III

“On the second visit he gave me a…” – How Kanye West Helped Lil Wayne With Tha Carter III

When we talk about creative geniuses of the hip-hop industry, the list would be incomplete without Kanye West. While the rapper’s life is more controversial and less creative at this point, there was once a time when West left everyone in awe with his music and rapping skills. Time and again, various big names such as Drake and Kid Cudi have opened up about how Ye inspired them in their careers. But do you know West also helped Lil Wayne with one of his biggest albums?

Over the years, Ye has given some of the most memorable albums and songs to the music industry. Even though the rapper never fails to amaze us with his music, some of his contributions helped make some other great albums, too. And a few years back, How To Love hitmaker Lil Wayne opened up about how Kanye West helped him with his hit album Tha Carter III.

Kanye West and his contribution in one of Lil Wayne’s biggest album

Released nearly 15 years ago, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III was one of the biggest rap albums and had an enormous impact on Wayne’s career. While two of the songs on the album featured beats by Kanye West, the rapper made a HUGE contribution in the process. Previously in 2008, the Love Me hitmaker in an interview with DJ Semtex revealed that West was very eager to contribute to the album and provided Wayne with nearly 20 beats. The New Orleans rapper had to reportedly ask West to “stop” and “leave him alone.”

During the interview, Wayne revealed, “The first visit he had five joints, on the second visit he gave me a CD with 15 joints on it.” Furthermore, the Mirror singer revealed how he used three of West’s beats on the album, but the Chicago rapper gave him 20 beats in the files. West helped produce two songs Comfortable with a Babyface feature and Let the Beat Build on the album. Apart from the technical process, the album featured one of West’s verses on the song Lollipop.

Despite the fact that Tha Carter III had to go through various delays with its release, the album was a massive hit. West has had an impact on the lives of a number of rappers today. Not long ago, even Lil Yachty opened up about the time he was almost broke before he modeled for West’s Yeezy show. However, lately, Kanye West has been away from music and has not released a song in the past few months.

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