“On bed texting like a teenager”- Prince Harry Recalls His Relentless Texting With Meghan Markle Before Their First Date

“On bed texting like a teenager”- Prince Harry Recalls His Relentless Texting With Meghan Markle Before Their First Date

Prince Harry can never get enough of Meghan Markle and he admits it. The Duke fell head over heels for his wife a bit too hard and their bond has only grown profound with each passing day. Five years into their marriage, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still going strong with all the personal relationships with the palace taking a hard toll on the couple on their own. Nonetheless, being forever grateful for having Markle by his side through thick and thin, Prince Harry dedicated a good chunk of his memoir, Spare, to their romantic journey. 

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After sharing a lot about their initial courtship days and the dawn of love, Prince Harry went in reverse order, giving us a fresh glimpse of how the couple actually were before they first met each other. And it comes as no surprise that the military prince and the American actress literally turned into teenagers as they first started talking to each other over texts. 


An excerpt from his memoir, Spare, reads, “Eventually we exchanged phone numbers, migrated the conversation over to text, going late into the night.” He further gushes about how all night’s long texting did not stop either of them from spamming each other with messages the very next morning. Especially on his part, he turned a deaf ear to everything else that was happening around himwithout a pause in texting.” 

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The Duke also added how he used to sit “on the bed while texting like a teenager” until he would be reminded by his aides to run his daily errands. Even if it were dinner, the Prince would rush through the entire meal and would “quickly resume textingup to a point where his thumbs would genuinely hurt. 

Their energy over text certainly translated into their first date, as the Duke recalls it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had the most ecstatic first date ever 

Clearly expressing his uncontrollable enthusiasm about their first day together, Prince Harry recalls it left him completely high. They met for the first time at Dean Street Townhouse in Soho, London. The hotel has a private dining room called The Snug, where they shared a drink and chat.

His further confessions also include his euphoric aftermath following the same night with the former American actress. While Meghan Markle could not help but FaceTime the Prince later in the evening, the Duke could only manage his hysteria with a bunch of cannabis.

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