‘Old Enough!’ on Netflix Is Determined to Steal Your Heart – Check out more on this wholesome family show

‘Old Enough!’ on Netflix Is Determined to Steal Your Heart – Check out more on this wholesome family show

Even the thought of sending our toddlers half a kilometer away would give us nightmares. We won’t be able to be at ease until we get to hold them in our arms again. Moreover, where would these teeny tiny babies go? I mean, they cannot even hold their toothbrush properly! Well, well, don’t underestimate their potential, folks. Because the very popular Japanese Kids’ reality show, Hajimete no Otsukai is here to prove you wrong. And the good news is, Netflix just debuted Old Enough! (English name of the show) to delight us with the best of all.

Here’s all the information you need to know before streaming it.

What’s the reality show, Old Enough, about?

If you love to watch kids messing up with their stuff, this is the show for you. This Japanese reality show is popular in the country for over 30 years now and is now acquired by Netflix. Old Enough! depicts the real-life adventures of children who are running errands on their own for the first time. For instance, you can come across a two-year-old boy going to a supermarket, a kilometer away, to buy stuff, all while being followed by an incognito camera and crew. Cute, right?

What makes it a lot more interesting is the omniscient narrator who’s constantly watching them and passing on hilarious observations. We bet it will remind you of Takashi’s Castle. Just the adventures here are far cuter than those in that show. Notably, children are not entirely alone.

“In all cases, the producers meticulously gather research from parents and parental organizations, and parents decide the appropriate challenge for each child,” TBI Vision explains. “When the children hit the streets, it is always under the watchful eye of hidden cameras and the show’s safety team, who are disguised as joggers, passers-by, or gardeners.”

CAUTION- Watch this reality show only if you are ready to give all your heart to these munchkins because they will make you say “Aww…” all the time.

Netflix has made twenty episodes of the series available worldwide, building on a collaboration established between Netflix and Nippon in November 2021, which saw the streamer acquire up 30 series from the Japanese network for its Asian subscribers.

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Do let us know in the comment section which of these kids slithered your heart.

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