“Oh my God it was like a ukulele down there” – Ryan Reynolds Revealed His Reaction When He First Saw ‘Green Lantern’

“Oh my God it was like a ukulele down there” – Ryan Reynolds Revealed His Reaction When He First Saw ‘Green Lantern’

Ryan Reynolds is one of those industry actors who own up to their bad films. But instead of showing regrets and overthinking about it, this Canadian American actor knows how to make the regret humorous. And one of his films that failed miserably is the one on which the actor makes the most jokes aka Green Lantern. In one of his recent interviews, he revealed his first reaction after watching the film.

The 46-year-old recently attended the ‘Just for Laughs’ event in London where in a segment he spoke about the 2011 release. When host Rob Delaney questioned him about his experience when he first previewed the film, he mentioned to Variety that the initial words that came out of his mouth were, “Holy Shit. No, No.” Delaney cross-questioned him whether the film made his “b**thole flutter“, and he said, “Oh my God it was like a ukulele down there.”

The Red Notice actor mentioned that he had had a crazy and strange sensation. A sensation of the kind that he did not want to experience again. Hence, instead of running away from the failure of the film, the actor decided to own up to it and that is the reason he was able to process it. What else were his thoughts about the film that he shared with Delaney?

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Ryan Reynolds thinks that the makers did not focus enough on the character

Even though a huge fortune was spent on the film, the film did not do well. As per Reynolds, the main reason behind the failure was that the makers spent all their money on the special effects, but they did not focus on proper character development.

Another issue that he listed was the vibe and looks of the film. The Free Guy actor said that the makers of the film had a very old-school perspective. Although the actor mention that he had a lot of fun on the set of the film. He loved working with the amazing cast and crew, it’s just that the result was what he did not like.

However, one cannot say that the film did not do any good to Deadpool because he met the love of his life on the set of Green Lantern. The mother of his kids, Blake Lively played his love interest in the film and thus began their love story.

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