Not Your Fictional Mr Darcy but UK’s Prince Harry Was the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ of the Era

Not Your Fictional Mr Darcy but UK’s Prince Harry Was the ‘Most Eligible Bachelor’ of the Era

At the peak of his youth, the Duke, Prince Harry was something else. From a rebellious kid growing up to having a troubled adulthood, the brooding Prince has had his ways with the royal family. Having lived his life without proper guidance, his butterfly days are like those of any sophisticated young bachelor present in the fictional world of books. 

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Literature enthusiasts know, the phrase “most eligible bachelor” reverts to only one character in the history of classic literature, which is Mr. Darcy. Bookworms fangirling over the same might have left all hopes of getting their Mr. Fitzwilliam Dary in real life. However, UK’s Prince Harry is at your rescue. 

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Sounds a bit too naive but for the fact, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry was once associated with the same title the classic Jane Austen hero was associated with. “Prince William’s baby brother (then 28)  flirts and flies Apache helicopters with equal aplomb, wrote Town & Country back in 2013. 

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Following his neglected youth, the Prince made his way into the military of the United Kingdom which genuinely helped to get to get his life sorted. Having enlisted some of the other most eligible bachelors of the era included names like Ralph Lauren’s son, Andrew,  President Obama’s speechwriter John Favreau and others who made the cut among the top 50.

How did Prince Harry outsmart his elder, Prince William? 

There are hardly such members in the royal family who had had spare time to enjoy something out of their lives and not be buried under the mundane responsibilities of the Palace. While King Charles had his entire life fallen into the dreadful quagmire of controversies and scandals, his eldest, Prince William spent an equal number of days rebuilding the name of Wales. 

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Having always prioritized his Palace duties above his personal interests, the Prince undoubtedly got the time of the future King. However, thenerd Prince” could not get as eligible as Prince Harry was all by himself. Hence adding more to his portfolio, the magazine wrote, “Harry might not possess a towering intellect, but he is cooler and more appealing than his brother…”. 

What is your take in the matter? Do you think the Duke was really more eligible than the Prince? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Dani E Danguilan
    February 27, 2023 at 9:26 am

    Ofcourse Prince Harry is much charming than his brother. Let’s just say,Prince Harry has a lot of charisma.

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