“Not that pervy”- Married Amy Adams Once Objectified ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill on ‘Man of Steel’ Set

“Not that pervy”- Married Amy Adams Once Objectified ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill on ‘Man of Steel’ Set

Henry Cavill is a celebrity crush even for other actors. Although the actor is known for action roles, he primarily rose to fame for playing the lead in Zack Snyder’s Superman. The movie was a massive hit, and he was considered the perfect hero for the role, thereby retaining it for further WB films. Other than his acting skills, his Superman-like physique is what made him a fan favorite.

Nevertheless, maintaining a physique like this is no easy task. It certainly helped him gain a massive fan following, especially with the ladies. This included his Man of Steel co-star Amy Adams who played Lois Lane, his love interest. The actress admitted to having a fan moment on the shoots of the movie and drooling over the actor.

How Amy Adams confessed to having a thing for her Man of Steel co-star Henry Cavill

While Amy Adams’ character named Lois Lane is a strong woman, the actress went weak when she saw Henry Cavill. During an interview with Marie Claire, back in 2016, she shared how she “objectified poor Henry.” “I had to apologize to him at one point. I’m like, ‘I promise I’m not that pervy’,” she added. However, it is not just her who has a thing for him. Adams added how her husband and their children cannot stop looking at Cavill, making them a ‘creepy family.’

The actress talked about how she had to ask Henry Cavill to put on a robe so everyone around would feel a bit less embarrassed about themselves. However, what topped that moment was when she ‘accidentally’ kissed her co-star on the stomach. He had his abs out, and she ended up kissing his belly. Naturally, the Leap Year actress was mortified and apologized for doing that.

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The two did not get a chance to work together again. Cavill, unfortunately, made the announcement of returning as Superman after DC changed their plans.

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