Not Superman but Another Red Superhero Costume Waiting for Henry Cavill, Will the Actor Be Playing Spider UK?

Not Superman but Another Red Superhero Costume Waiting for Henry Cavill, Will the Actor Be Playing Spider UK?

When, in 2013, Henry Cavill first donned the Superman costume, netizens were convinced that the actor was meant for the red and blue suit that guaranteed truth, justice, and a better tomorrow. And as years went by, the conviction only grew stronger. Only for it to be broken abruptly when Cavill signed off as Superman from DC. His exit was followed by days of sorrow and outrage by a massive audience that couldn’t believe how the symbol of justice himself could not attain it. But it looks like destiny had other plans.

Following his DC drop, the actor has jumped on bandwagon to make his Warhammer dreams come true with Prime video. Although that is the only official project that both Prime and Henry Cavill have officially announced, reports have it that Cavill has another dream project waiting around the corner. Or at least a version of it.

Will Henry Cavill dawn the iconic red and blue suit again?

Henry Cavill may dawn the red and blue suit again, but not as Superman in DC. According to Giant Freakin Robots, the actor is in talks to star as Spider UK. For those who pledged allegiance with DC, Spider UK is a Marvel superhero. When DC dropped Cavill fans begged for the actor to join Marvel.

They dedicated themselves to imagining him as different superheroes likely to be a part of Marvel Phase-5 through fanarts. A trusted insider revealed that Sony Pictures is set on Henry Cavill to bring Spider UK to life.

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“Henry Cavill will be joined by Nicolas Cage as another variant and a whole bunch more in upcoming projects,” reported Giant Freaking Robots. With the latest progress, it seems that Henry Cavill and superhero costumes with blue and red elements are star-crossed lovers.

Can Captain Britain play Spider UK?

Long before any news of a Spider UK project was heard, Cavill was already a prominent contender for the role of Captain Britain in Marvel. But Henry Cavill will not have to play Spider UK at the cost of Captain Britain because the actor can do both. On the technical side, Sony has rented the rights to Spider-Man to Disney.

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This in no way means that Sony cannot tiptoe its way around other Spiderverse; hence, the production of Spider UK. Marvel and Sony have mostly steered safe of merging their superheroes. However, with Marvel planning on massive expansion, a collaboration between the two is not off the charts.

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