“Not really as thirsty as I thought it might be”: When Henry Cavill Took His Chances With the Internet and Read Thirst Tweets

“Not really as thirsty as I thought it might be”: When Henry Cavill Took His Chances With the Internet and Read Thirst Tweets

Standing 6 feet 2 inches tall with dimples on his cheek, who wouldn’t fall for the super handsome Henry Cavill? The transformation of beloved Superman into a golden-eyed monster hunter left fans enamored by him. However, the DC star has always been famous among women who swooned over his stunning looks. But he looked undeniably ravishing, embodying the character of Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher series.

With his blonde hair and shining armor, he took away the breath of viewers. If you take a look on social media, you might find millions of comments about his features and perfect body. And to read some of those tweets the actor took a tiny session with Buzzfeed. Let’s see how he reacted to the overreaching raunchy tweets by his fans.

Henry Cavill didn’t find fan tweets as fiery as he thought

Cavill sat down with Buzzfeed to do a thirst tweet session and see how fans are madly in love with him. The segment started with one of the set members asking him, “Do you get called Daddy a lot?” To which he replied “On the internet, sure” as we all know he isn’t married yet. Picking the first chit from the jar, he said:

“Ooh, not nearly as thirsty as I thought it might be. I’ve read worst things in my comments”. 

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The Man of Steel star seems to be well aware of fans’ obsession with him. And certainly, because he deals with these things every day on social media. However, the first tweet was just a mild gesture of a fan who talked about his glowing skin, perfect face, and beautiful curls. But even the actor didn’t know how deep desires fans had for him. Take a look at the video pinned below!

He surely said those words very soon as the rest tweets were really thirsty. Because moving forward, we saw he didn’t have words for what fans have written. He mostly replied with a polite “thanks”, “I appreciate your vigor,” and just chuckled at people’s thoughts.

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This session might be overwhelming for the actor, but his physical appearance is something fans can never resist. Cavill is currently working on The Witcher season 3, while Enola Holmes is around the corner. While we await these gems, keep Netflixing and watching your favorite shows!

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