“Not quite Henry Cavill”- Resurfaced Picture Features Colossal ‘Giant Superman’ From 1940

“Not quite Henry Cavill”- Resurfaced Picture Features Colossal ‘Giant Superman’ From 1940

The saying “You only realize the true worth of things once they are gone” definitely fits in Henry Cavill’s case. The actor may have first been cast as Superman in DC’s extended universe back in 2011, but it was only recently that fans realized how much they missed the actor playing the superhero in a red cape. Henry Cavill may be playing a superhero in films but he has truly attained rockstar stature with audiences.

While his future in the DC cinematic universe was uncertain, the actor stepped into The Witcher world and took it by storm as the Geralt of Rivia. DC’s latest anti-hero action flick marked Cavill’s return as Superman and fans couldn’t be happier. However, in his absence from the skies of Metropolis Illinois, his fans have written essays about him being the literal personification of the comic book superhero. However, a historic picture that has resurfaced on Twitter seems to point out otherwise.

Henry Cavill is not DC’s OG Superman

Over the years, many great actors have worn the red Superman cape with grace. From George Reeves to Brandon Routh, there have been many. However, Henry Cavill in all his bulked-up blue eyes glory is considered to be the closest depiction of what the superhero would look like in real life. And it isn’t just Cavill fans who believe this, but most of DC fandom does.

Henry Cavill’s bulked-up biceps with wide shoulders were considered to be trademark Superman. However, a picture from the iconic Marcy’s Thanksgiving Parade in the 1940s captured a very different Superman. One that is even bulkier than Henry Cavill.

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For those of you who do not know, Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is an annual parade that has been carried out ever since the 1924. Furthermore, it is also considered to be the second oldest parade in New York City.

The black-and-white image shared on Twitter is of a giant Superman balloon dressed up in the iconic ‘S’ t-shirt and, of course, the red underwear, or in Superman’s case “outerwear.” While Cavill may not exactly look like what history remembers Superman to be, there is no arguing that he comes the closest. Following his return to the DC extended universe, and his sad departure from Netflix‘s The Witcher series, fans cannot wait to see him in his own Superman movie.

Are you excited about Cavill’s return as the caped superhero?

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