“Not My King!”- King Charles and Queen Camilla Bombarded With Boos and Taunts by Protesters Ahead of Coronation, Here’s Why

“Not My King!”- King Charles and Queen Camilla Bombarded With Boos and Taunts by Protesters Ahead of Coronation, Here’s Why

The dust in the United Kingdom is far away from settling down. Subjects in the monarchy-led nation lay divided, with royal fandoms rooting for King Charles on one side and protesters heckling down the heirs to the throne at every turn on the other side. However, this time, the noise of the boos overshadowed the symphony of cheers for the UK Sovereigns. There has been an uprising of mass protests against the monarchy as we inch closer to the coronation and the subjects do not seem close to a truce. 

With great power comes great responsibility, and no one knows this better than King Charles. The Monarch, accompanied by the rest of the senior members of the family, recently attended Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day Service, which was reportedly his first as the new ruler ever since the demise of the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, the visit was not exactly what the royals expected as protesters from a litigious anti-monarchy organization, the Republic, scorned the pair with chants of “Not My king!” 

The organization led by CEO Graham Smith is reportedly outraged about the coronation celebration, which they called an unnecessary facade. Speaking on behalf of all the protesters, Smith said as quoted by the Republic website, “We are continuing a series of protests against the Monarchy in the lead-up to the coronation.” He further added that “Charles’ pointless parade… is entirely unnecessary.” 

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The coronation of King Charles will cost UK taxpayers a good €50-100M

For the record, it has been reported that the Coronation “vanity project” will cost the taxpayers in the United Kingdom a whopping total of €100,000,000. The grievance of the matter has been further aggravated by the fact that the same amount comes in the light of a cost-of-living crisis. Thousands of nurses, firefighters, and other social workers have been getting down on public strikes for fair pay and conditions. 

A group of around thirty-forty people gathered at the Abbey with Yellow placards demonstrating “Not My King” and “Abolish Monarchy”. The mass protest came following the boos showered at King Charles and Camilla last week as they made their way to one of Britain’s oldest recorded towns to exist, Colchester. Although the noise at the town visit was quite deafening, the protest at the 11th-century church on the March 13 was by far the largest anti-monarchy protest to date. 

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