Not Meghan Markle But This? Fans Find Hints That Caused Rift Between Prince Harry and Prince William

Not Meghan Markle But This? Fans Find Hints That Caused Rift Between Prince Harry and Prince William

The Royal rift between Prince Harry and Prince William has breached the top headlines of Royal news for months on end. Following the crippling aftermath of their relationship post-docu-series and memoir release, the brothers have just severed their ties. amidst speculations about Meghan Markle, fans some hoe think something was fundamentally wrong with the brothers.

Ever since the former American actress, Meghan Markle stepped into the royal family, rampant speculations had it that she was the reason for the rift between Harry and William. Even the Duke’s latest revelations in the memoir describing their physical altercation over the Duchess made the rumors extremely clear.

Prince William and Prince Harry rivalry dates back to 2009

As reported by The Daily Express, Royal fans hint that an interview with Prince Harry and Prince William broadcast in 2009 was when it all started. The live interview showed the cracks in their relationship, seven years before Meghan Markle happened to the Royal Family. The BBC clip was evidently the two sons of Diana expressing their own wishes to serve their nation.

TikTok user RealRoyaltyDocs recently posted a video segment asking, “The beginning of Harry and William’s rivalry or just sibling banter?

It raised even more eyebrows when the Duke of Sussex, evidently talked of the potential jealousy William could have felt at that moment. The stirring caption asked about the beginning of their rivalry and jealousy over Harry. Fans now speculate that Prince Harry being allowed to go to war might be the biggest reason for their fallout.

The future King Prince William had affirmed “I didn’t join the forces to be molly-coddled or treated any different.” He was also under the notion that if Prince Harry is able to do it, he can possibly do it too. “As far as I’m concerned, in my eyes… I don’t really separate myself in that much difference,” said Charles’ eldest. Apparently, that was all he had ever wanted to do. The search and rescue role is now slightly different than going to Afghanistan for military operations. Nonetheless, he claimed that he was “still doing an important job.

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According to the fans, Meghan Markle who is the main target of all controversies was not even on the scene. Hence, ruling her out as a reason behind the rivalry is a big no-no.

What is your take on the matter?

One thought on “Not Meghan Markle But This? Fans Find Hints That Caused Rift Between Prince Harry and Prince William

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    J. A. K.
    January 22, 2023 at 5:58 am

    This is no different than, “Can Harry Topple the Monarchy?” If Harry’s book is able to end the monarchy then the monarchy was pretty fragile to begin with! The only way that any woman could come between brothers is if there was enough space between them. If William and Harry had a close, trusting relationship before Meghan then William would have trusted Harry enough to know himself, what he needed, and that his judgement was good enough. If William respected Harry as an individual he wouldn’t have called Meghan anything that might hurt his brother let alone get physical with him. The Brits, media, etc. like to blame Meghan, she’s a convenient scapegoat, an outsider who doesn’t know enough about palace politics to know how to defend herself or her family in that forum. It seems to me that William is just too much like his father and Harry too much like his mother.

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