“Not like any other day” – Millie Bobby Brown Shares a Powerful Women’s Day Message in an Heartwarming Video With Florence by Mills on Instagram

“Not like any other day” – Millie Bobby Brown Shares a Powerful Women’s Day Message in an Heartwarming Video With Florence by Mills on Instagram

When it’s about women, you will always find Millie Bobby Brown standing in the front row. We often see the young actress being outspoken about female rights and their place in society. It is certainly astounding how the Netflix star has identified all the stereotype standards at the age of 19. Not just that, she constantly makes people aware of the pressure women face while establishing themselves in the outer world. Channeling the same powerful spirit of hers on Women’s Day, this global superstar shared a heartwarming video with Florence by Mills on Instagram.

The official page of Florence by Mills shared a clip of the Stranger Things actor on Instagram. In honor of International Women’s Day, she opened up about the struggles and obstacles women face to prove their worth. Brown stated that a single day isn’t enough to celebrate all the big and small achievements.

In the video, she also credited women of the past who paved the path for young actresses like her. Since they started the revolution that gave today’s women freedom to do what they love. Just like this budding entrepreneur has established her name in the entertainment and beauty industry.

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The British star also showed gratitude to all the females who pushed her to do her best because without them she might just be a normal school going girl. With her outspoken nature, this wasn’t the first time she used her words to empower women.

Millie Bobby Brown is empowering women with her words and action

Last year, Brown sat down with Netflix’s Magazine Queue for the Enola Holmes 2 cover interview. During the conversation, she opened up about the impossible standards that are weighing talented women, since she herself has been the victim being underestimated by people in this glamorous industry just because she was young.

“I had to prove a lot because I am young and I am a girl, and people could think that this is something that has been handed to me,” explained the Godzilla star.

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She peeled down the layers of how society expects more from women. And they are always dragged down, no matter what they do, say, or wear. This is why the Emmy-nominated actress wants all the women to stick together and break the cycle of these stereotype standards.

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