Not Just the Royal Tag, Meghan Markle Has Also Dropped Her Real Name for an Uncanny Reason

Not Just the Royal Tag, Meghan Markle Has Also Dropped Her Real Name for an Uncanny Reason

Meghan Markle is not an unknown name in the world at the moment. The former actress has been gaining a lot of limelight due to the uncertainty looming over her and Prince Harry’s future with the royal family. Marrying into the royal household in May 2018 helped Meghan gain the title of the Duchess of Sussex and Her Royal Highness

Over three years later, the former American actress still holds the title of a Duchess. However, she is no more Her Royal Highness. Harry and Meghan gave up their royal duties in 2022 for a more private and secure life in California. Thus, Queen Elizabeth II stripped them of HRH titles. Meanwhile, it might surprise you that the royal tag is not the only thing, the Suits alum has been stripped off. She also dropped her first name during her college days and the reason for the same is quite unexpected.

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What is the real name of Meghan Markle?

There is nothing new with people changing their birth name during their teenage and adulthood, especially in the entertainment fraternity. A lot of stars, including Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Monroe, and Elton John, have given up on their real name. Thus, Meghan Markle using an alternate name should not shock you. However, the reason for which she dropped her real name is definitely bizarre. At the time of birth, Thomas Markle and Doria Ragland named their daughter Rachel Meghan Markle.

However, while studying in college, Meghan suddenly removed Rachel from her name to be known as Meghan Markle. As per Marca, the Suits alum did not resonate with the way Rachel Markle sounded. It is also believed that she was of the opinion that her first name should not rhyme with her surname. Thus, she decided to opt for Meghan as her first name. 

Meghan Markle has never spoken about her real name or why she decided to switch her name. The world knows her by the name of Meghan. Even during her royal wedding with Prince Harry, there was no mention of Rachel. 

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