Not Just Horror Movies But ‘High School Musical’ Might Have Been An Inspiration For ‘Stranger Things’

Not Just Horror Movies But ‘High School Musical’ Might Have Been An Inspiration For ‘Stranger Things’

The complex dynamics between Will and Mike have become more famous in season 4 than in any other couple of Stranger Things. As we see fans constantly jump to what new turn their friendship will take in season 5. Because in season 4 it seemed that Will Byers had a liking toward his childhood friend which he tried to express through his emotional speeches. While he hides his jealousy toward Eleven as Mike gives all his attention to her. Now fans are comparing the Skating scene with the High School Musical scene where the couple is fighting. And it’s hilarious to see how fans have connected the strings of these two scenes. Because Mike and Will always fight like a quarreling teen couple about little things.

Fans depict Will and Mike of Stranger Things as a teen couple 

A video shared by a fan on Twitter compared scenes from Stranger Things and High School Musical. The fan stated:

“I just burst out laughing how the hell are the two scenes exactly the same frame by frame😭😭 And will saying “what about us” just like troy😭.” 

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It’s really funny to see how these two scenes look so similar. Also, the song perfectly fits the situation of Mike and Will. Because in that scene Will was questioning Mike about why he didn’t call him much. They used to be best friends and now Mike doesn’t even bother. Moreover, it’s clearly visible how Byers felt jealous of Eleven and Mike’s relationship.

Meanwhile, the fan has given an entirely new look to the scene by adding a spark of Musicals in it. As Will misses spending time with Mike just like Troy says in the video. And fans are wondering if this fight scene is inspired by the teen drama. Let’s see what fans have to say about the couple’s fight of complaints and distance.

Twitter is fluttering with comments and reactions to the similarity between these puppy fight 

Viewers are swooning over the featured scene in this horror drama that looks exactly the same as a teen musical.

One fan stated that several scenes in Stranger Things are inspired by teen dramas.

Whereas another fan said that the creators once told in an interview that the fight scene is inspired by High School Musicals 2.

Also, a fan was overwhelmed to see these famous scenes tuned in and its heartbreaking.

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All the seasons of Stranger Things are currently streaming on Netflix.

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