Not Jamie Foxx, Meet The Real-Life Shape Shifters Who Played Vampires In ‘Day Shift’ On Netflix

Not Jamie Foxx, Meet The Real-Life Shape Shifters Who Played Vampires In ‘Day Shift’ On Netflix

Netflix’s recent release, Day Shift was a uniquely interpreted vampire thriller crawling into the characters’ homes. Directed by J.J. Perry, this horror comedy stars Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Karla Souza, and Meagan Good. Following the storyline of Bud Jablonski, who makes a living by killing vampires and cleaning pools. The film is filled with several action sequences crushing bones, twisted arms, and scuttling undead bodies.

For viewers, this might be a wild adventure of a hunter killing some frightening supernatural monsters. But movies have a lot of work put into them than what it seems onscreen because there are hard-working people behind them who give their best to entertain the audience. Here’s a sneak peek at the real-life shape shifters who played vampires in the movie.

The hideous vampires Jamie Foxx fought in Day Shift are real artists 

The official page of Netflix shared a behind-the-scenes video of the Day Shift set, which revealed people who brought vampires to life. The post stated: “Meet the wildly talented contortionists who played the vampires in Day Shift.”

The video showed all the stunts and movements done by contortionists so it could look more effective. The creators hired six gymnasts to do all the fighting scenes with Jamie Foxx. Since special effects in this mangling movie might not have worked. In addition to this, they wanted the stunts to look convincing and enthralling for viewers. Therefore, only contortionists can bend their bodies like that, as we saw in the video. Every contortionist had unique skill sets, from bending to breaking themselves.

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The contortionist brought wild energy to the movie 

In an interview with Tudum, the stunt coordinator, Justin Yu, talked about the highly skilled performers as vampires. He revealed how the artists used to make supernatural poses and were moved through wires. However, it took time to create something dynamic that left an impact on viewers’ minds. “We spent a month off the books trying to learn the contortionist movements and what their limitations were,” said Justin Yu.
While this traditional way of doing bone-crunching stunts wasn’t an easy job, they had to add all the sounds to make it more seamless, but it all paid off because this was something different from fancy good looking bloodsuckers.
Have you watched this new-styled vampire tale? If not, you can stream it only on Netflix.

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