Nostalgia Washes Over the Internet Users as They Recall Will Smith’s Fun Hip-Hop Days From the ‘90S

Nostalgia Washes Over the Internet Users as They Recall Will Smith’s Fun Hip-Hop Days From the ‘90S

Will Smith has created such a larger-than-life impact with his acting career that for the younger demographic, it is news that he was once an applauded hip-hop artist. Through his goosebumps-inducing performances in almost every project he associates himself with, Will Smith has proven to be one of the most shining examples of an ‘actor’. However, his decades-long music career was no short of glory either. He was The Fresh Prince during his rapper days. The stage name was not only a fancy title that Smith had chosen for himself but a mirror of his fun and family friendly lyrics.

His music guaranteed a breath of fresh air to fans then and continues to do so despite numerous years having passed by.

The Fresh Prince is superior to Will Smith?

Smith transitioned into the acting industry by playing an extravagant version of himself in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. While Bel-Air is a fictional capital, Smith was indeed the Fresh Prince of the hip hop industry. He carved a niche for himself through his peppy songs that were devoid of profanities and strayed away from nudity. This, for obvious reasons, was applauded by many at a time when hip-hop industry was being stereotyped as the genre with more curses and lesser words.

So when one fan on Twitter walked down the memory lane of Smith’s hip-hop career, others soon chimed in, resonating with the nostalgic feeling.

The sentiments are not much different in 2023, as a Twitter user reminisces of the fun songs Will Smith had brought to us.

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With 7k likes in a matter of hours, the tweet is proof that the audience still adores the Fresh Prince. If Smith once again decided to dip his fingers into his musical genius again, fans wouldn’t mind tuning in, given how his music for Men in Black is still fans’ jam.

Men in Black: The movie vs the music

Will Smith made one of the most unforgettable family movies with Men In Black. The movie is an absolute charm, with its comedic punches managing to tickle a laugh from viewers despite years having passed since its release. However, the plot and performance were not the only thing the movie had going for itself.

Smith’s rap in Men In Black was a straight hit. It cannot even be considered nostalgic because there is a separate fanbase that listens to it on a daily basis.

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Will Smith’s music videos symbolized fun and undoubtedly brought him a fortune. Through his rap style and fun music videos, it is evident that the rapper was not trying to compete with others in the genre and was busy making an empire of his own.

Which 90s Fresh Prince track is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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