“No, No, No, No…” Screams Henry Cavill When Asked to Close Netflix’s Highest Rated Anime of 2021

“No, No, No, No…” Screams Henry Cavill When Asked to Close Netflix’s Highest Rated Anime of 2021

A superhero, a detective, and a Geralt; Henry Cavill continues to amaze us with the varying characters that he plays. News of him being the next James Bond is again making the rounds. All of these facts put up a strong case for him being one of the best British actors. However, acting is not the only thing making it to Cavill’s forte. The Man of Steel actor is also a pro gamer and a certified nerd.

Long before he was cast as a Superhero in the DC cinematic universe, Cavill had his nose buried deep into comic books. Hence, the first thing he did after finding out that he was finalized as Superman was to read all the comics as if it were a ritual. And Cavill has been lucky enough to do what he loves.

From being cast as the Superman he loved from DC comics to portraying the Geralt of Rivia after himself devotedly playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not only is Henry Cavill a fan of working in video game adaptations but also watching them. So there is no way he was going to miss the tv series adaptation of Arcane: League of Legends.

Henry Cavill watched Arcane in one go

With his love for books, video games, and dry humor, many would say Henry Cavill is “not like other men.” However, the recent TV adaptation of the fan-favorite game League of Legends has managed to squeeze out praises from even the most anti-video game adaptation viewers, and Cavill is but a fan.

The actor was recommended to watch the nine-episode-long Christian Linke and Alex Yee-directed series by Ali Plumb, and he revealed in the interview that he and his girlfriend Natalie watched it all in one go.

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When his girlfriend suggested catching up another time, Cavil screamed “No, no, no, no, nope gotta keep on watching.

We don’t blame The Witcher actor for this all-nighter: the screenplay and animation was THAT intriguing. Cavill and his girlfriend are among the many fans who could not get enough of Arcane: League of Legends. Impressing a skeptical fanbase such as that of the League of Legends is one thing. But managing to steal the hearts of even those who haven’t played the video game is a whole new level of brilliance, and Arcane does just that.

You can watch the Emmy-winning animated series on Netflix.

What according to you was the highlight of Arcane? Let us know in the comments below.

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