Noah Schnapp Jokingly Calls Millie Bobbie Brown a “Deep Dark Hole” as They Try to Compliment Each Other

Noah Schnapp Jokingly Calls Millie Bobbie Brown a “Deep Dark Hole” as They Try to Compliment Each Other

All the Stranger Things cast get along in real life. But you know who gets along really well? It’s Will and Eleven. Millie Bobby Brown has a stronger connection with Noah Schnapp (Will) off-screen than her onscreen partner Mike. 

The two met on the set of Stranger Things seven years ago. They were both the youngest of the cast and quickly became good friends. So, when Schnapp and Brown take a friendship test in a fun Glamour segment, the answers are bound to be hilarious. 

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp are awkward giving compliments to each other

As a part of the friendship test, the two were required to compliment each other. This brought lots of giggles and much awkwardness between the two buddies. At one point Noah pointed out that this feels like a therapy session! But they quickly worked past their awkwardness, and Millie complimented her best friend about his excellent sense of humor and lovely straight teeth. She even called him charismatic.

However, she also adds a jibe that despite all his good qualities, he’s still single! But it’s good to know that she is working towards finding him a girl that “accepts him as he is”

Noah on the other hand teases her that she’s a “deep dark hole“. But then, he genuinely complimented her on her determination and hard work. He added, “Millie, you are a  breath of fresh air on set.” 

The sweet exchanges didn’t last long when in the next segment Noah got her pet peeve and zodiac sign wrong.

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Millie is frustrated when Noah gets her star sign wrong 

Born in February, Millie is a Pisces, but Noah has no idea. This gets a “what are you” out of Millie. But Millie gets Noah’s zodiac right immediately. Noah appeared clueless once again when he asked about Millie’s pet peeve. Although he got it wrong at first, he finally gets it correct when he says Millie hates loud chewing or eating on the set, especially when she is tired. The duo also revealed their hidden talents during the friendship test.

Their friendship never gets old, and we have seen how Millie adores Noah. Fortunately, season 4 of the show has more Eleven-Will scenes, giving us a glimpse into the wonderful bond the actors share in real life. Stream Stranger Things Volume 2 on Netflix.

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