“No her braids…” – Jenna Ortega Opens Up About How Particular Tim Burton Was Regarding Her Hair While Filming ‘Wednesday’

“No her braids…” – Jenna Ortega Opens Up About How Particular Tim Burton Was Regarding Her Hair While Filming ‘Wednesday’

Do we really need to remind you of Netflix’s original Wednesday’s popularity? After all, we are no strangers to the fact that it is an incredible show. Soon after the show premiered on Netflix, it took the world by storm. Even months after its release, the creepy, kooky, and popular show continued to dominate the charts. However, while the storyline and the cinematography are undoubtedly gripping, one can not help but be in awe of Jenna Ortega’s performance as Wednesday Addams. Ortega’s way of portrayal added significantly to making the character more intriguing. Recently, the actress opened up about how involved and particular Tim Burton was about her appearance, especially her hair in the show.

Even though the cast did an amazing job in making Wednesday, one of the most watched shows on Netflix, director Tim Burton, had a major hand behind the scenes. During her appearance on Hot Ones, the actress revealed that on her first day on set; they were running two hours late just because the creators wanted Ortega’s hair to be perfect. Recalling Burton’s words, Ortega spoke, “No her braids are uneven. This one’s lower, this one’s higher.” 

The Fallout actress also reminisced about a hilarious incident on her first day on set. While they were filming, apparently Burton did not like how Ortega’s hair looked. And being the perfectionist Burton is, the director volunteered to do Ortega’s hair by himself. Elsewhere in the interview, the Wednesday breakout added, “He asked the hairdresser very politely and just kind of did my hair himself.” However, Ortega was on-board with the idea, as she spoke about how Burton was an excellent collaborator and communicator.

When will Wednesday return for season 2?

As we all know, the first season of Wednesday has had such a profound impact on the audience that the fans have been demanding to see more of the show. And unsurprisingly, the Jenna Ortega starrer will soon be renewing for its second installment. Not long ago, the streamer confirmed the same on Twitter. Netflix released a thrilling teaser and left everyone in awe. However, as of late, we will have to wait for the release date.

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