No Filter: How Ryan Reynolds Once Teased Wife and Fashionista Blake Lively for Her Attire Back in 2017

No Filter: How Ryan Reynolds Once Teased Wife and Fashionista Blake Lively for Her Attire Back in 2017

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are certainly a couple that knows how to have fun. The Hollywood A-listers are not only a successful couple but also ones who are not afraid to take themselves lightly. They are often seen twining during award ceremonies and red carpets together while sharing their love with the world. But the comedic duo also does not miss a chance to tease each other on social media.

Now Blake Lively is considered to be an effortless fashionista, often stealing looks and being called the Met Gala Queen. But Reynolds once shared a photo of his wife in a shabby attire that was stark opposite to her usual self.

Why the outfit became a teasing topic for Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively is currently on a break after recently delivering their 4th baby. But the actress was once in full motion on the sets of her 2020 thriller The Rhythm Section. Loving and supporting husband, Ryan Reynolds, took to Instagram to share a photo from her shoot. Smoothly teasing her, he captioned her shabby attired as, “#No filter.” The picture captured her walking on a footpath with the handbag as she wore a blue beanie, purple tracks, a red T-shirt, and a winter coat.

The movie was shot in Dublin, and the role required her to dress the way she did. The flick was about a street pr*stitute helping with an investigation after finding that the death of her family in an airplane crash was due to a hidden terrorist attack.

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While most of her roles show her dress in styles that suit her, this real-looking take on the movie was important for the actress.

How Blake Lively takes her role seriously while having fun with her husband

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Lively explained how most movies portray the pain of underprivileged characters but still have them dress glamorously. “If you drive down skid row, that’s not what you see,” she said.

But she still took Reynold’s joke lightly. In fact, matching up to his pranks, she then wished her husband on his birthday by dropping him out of his photo with Gosling and captioning it, “Happy birthday, baby.” Reynold’s also recently put a story of a full picture with her, after a photo that edited out her shoes. This photo then caused a buzz by revealing that she had delivered their fourth baby. 

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