Nina Dobrev Talks About Her Upcoming Romcom Love Hard on Netflix

Nina Dobrev Talks About Her Upcoming Romcom Love Hard on Netflix

In this holiday season, Netflix is back with another romantic comedy film, Love Hard. The spirit of romanticism will make you fall in love again. Nina Dobrev, an American television sweetheart, is starring in Love Hard. Netflix has already released a trailer of Love Hard, and fans are already excited about this hopeless romantic film.

Dobrev plays the role of Natalie, a hopeless romantic girl who travels across the country to surprise the man she loved. Unfortunately, the surprise does not go according to the plan.

All you need to know about Nina Dobrev’s Love Hard

Natalie, struggling to find love in L.A., takes the matter into her hands and starts looking for a potential boyfriend at online dating sites. But things spiced up when she met a dreamy guy from the East Coast, named Tag. With just a leap of faith, she took a flight to East Coast to surprise her potential boyfriend Tag.

To her surprise, a childhood friend of Tag, named Josh, who is also unlucky in love, just like Natalie, has catfished her. When she reaches the East Coast, she gets a surprise of her own.

The story was born out of the horror stories of online dating sites, claimed by the co-writer of Danny Mackey. Mary Viola, the producer of the film, explains, “We started to see a pattern in profiles and first-date experiences. We also each noticed a few ‘too good to be true’ profiles that usually resulted in them being fake. Danny came up with the ‘what if’ concept of someone surprising one of these fake profiles in person and getting catfished, but rather than having it end in disappointment, it actually ends with the pair realizing they were meant to be.

The cast of Netflix’s Love Hard

The film will release on November 5th, 2021, exclusively on Netflix. It is one of the Netflix originals.

Nina Dobrev will star in Love Hard with Jimmy O. Yang as Josh Lin, Darren Barnett as Tag, who has been known for his role in Never Have I Ever, Harry Shum Jr. as Owen, Lin James Saito as Bob, and Lin Mikaela Hoover as Chelsea.

Nina Dobrev’s experience from the shoot of Love Hard

Love Hard was shot during Covid within a bubble. Nina Dobrev even added, “Shooting during COVID was especially difficult but the silver lining was being in a bubble with our amazing cast. We were all around the same age and got to spend a lot of quality time both on and off set, laughing and having the most incredible time! Heather McMahan is my spirit animal and makes me laugh harder than anyone I’ve ever met before.”

“Be unapologetically yourself. Because if you’re not, they’ll find out, eventually. So cut to the chase,” is Nina Dobrev’s best dating advice for fans.

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Are you excited about this film? Will you be watching it?

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