New Witchmas Surprise Clip Shares a Glimpse of Yennefer and Tissaia in The Witcher Season 2

New Witchmas Surprise Clip Shares a Glimpse of Yennefer and Tissaia in The Witcher Season 2

The new season of Netflix‘s Witcher is dawning upon us, and we have never been this excited about anything. Under the celebration of 12 days of Witchmas, we are treated with yet another clip from the show. The Witcher season 2 clip features Yennefer and Tissaia; the duo is conversing about the Battle of Sodden Hill, while we sense a good old political scheme in play. We see Yenna trying to admit something, while her mentor Tissaia cuts her in between to congratulate her on her heroics. But what exactly is Yennefer trying to say?

What happened at the Battle of Sodden Hill?

The memory of the Netflix Originals‘ season 1 ending is still fresh in our minds. We remember watching Geralt and Ciri unite. But the bigger picture in that episode was the Battle of Sodden Hill, where Yennefer of Vengerberg literally brought chaos to the valley in The Witcher season one finale. We saw the mages almost losing the battle to the Nilfgaardian army before Tissaia tells Yennefer to let loose her chaos.

We witnessed Yennefer flooding the valley with fire magic, and for the time being, the mages emerge out of the battle as victors. But we learned Yenna herself went missing towards the end of the episode. The clip confirms she is alive after all and wants to tell something really important to her teacher and mentor, Tissaia.

The Witcher clip involving Yennefer and Tissaia raises concerns over a political plot

In the new clip that was released just last night, we see the two mages talking about the battle. Yennefer is inclined to tell something really significant. We can see it in her eyes, and she looks visibly troubled by whatever it is. But just before she can speak, Tissaia stops her mid-sentence. Tissaia tells her she is now a hero to many, and thanks to her for her heroics in the Battle of Sodden.

Tissaia mentions Yennefer has to lie low for now, and all the credit for the win must go to Vilgefortz. We can see visible changes in her expressions as she mentions it. It almost feels like there is something more to this decision that we do not know. She advises Yenna that this is the time to be strong and not weak.

It almost feels as if Tissaia already knows what Yennefer wants to tell her. A clear sign of that is her use of the word “sacrifice”. It has really raised our eyebrows as Tissaia mentioned she will be grateful for Yennefer’s sacrifice. But what exactly is this sacrifice? What is it that has got Yenna so worried and visibly tormented?

Did she lose something of utmost importance for using fire magic on such a large scale? We saw a mage losing her life, just because she conjured up a fireball using fire magic. We will only get to know everything about it when we meet Yennefer in The Witcher season 2 on December 17, 2021, on Netflix.

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