New Season Update on ‘Archetypes’ as Meghan Markle Concludes Her First-ever Podcast Series

New Season Update on ‘Archetypes’ as Meghan Markle Concludes Her First-ever Podcast Series

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle launched her first-ever podcast episode earlier this year in August, and ever since, it has been a wholesome journey so far. Various world-renowned personalities have graced Archetypes. Along with them, the Duchess explored certain intellectual topics that had been making our Tuesdays worthwhile. Unfortunately, the Saga of breaking stereotypes has come to an end as the former American actress releases her last episode.

Upon the completion of twelve enlightening episodes, the Duchess has been advised to carry on her legacy. Although Spotify users will immensely miss Meghan Markle, reports have it that she will make a comeback soon. Nevertheless, there are certain conditions that the Duchess must fulfill.

Meghan Markle concludes her Archetypes episode

Nissenblatt, the founder of the EarBuds podcast collective, said, “I expect a second season at least.” The podcast expert affirmed that she expects more Meghan Markle seasons by next year. Reportedly, the Duchess of Sussex was tipped to continue her sessions on typecasts and labels that exploited women at the hands of a chauvinistic society.

However, the chances of her second season of the podcast come at a condition posed by Spotify authorities. The possibilities of Archetypes 2.0 depends upon the performances of the Duchess in the first season. The podcast expert mentioned this to in an interview the previous day. The founder of the EarBuds podcast further elaborated that there has been an analysis of Statics of each and every episode of Meghan Markle.

The authorities have been keeping a track of the number of listeners, spike in downloads, and other necessary parameters that are required for a program to continue further. Things like a major halt during the mourning period of the late Monarch Queen Elizabeth II have also been taken into a consideration. Thus, it is up to Spotify to decide whether we will be having more of Meghan Markle or not.

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Do you think the Duchess of Sussex will be back with a new season?

One thought on “New Season Update on ‘Archetypes’ as Meghan Markle Concludes Her First-ever Podcast Series

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    December 12, 2022 at 6:04 am

    I hope not. They have taken their good old time providing content to Spotify and Netflix. They do what they want when they want. It is all about fame and fortune for them. Every family has issues but we don’t throw them under the bus. They need to stop whining about their life and stop using their titles to get ahead. Princess Diana would be so disappointed in Prince Harry letting Meghan change him (not for the better) and manipulating Harry by claiming to be like Princess Diana (by stating that she went through exactly the same things as Princess Diana, ie Depression and suicidal thoughts). Others have navigated royal life and adapted. When Meghan has no further use for Harry she will dump him. She should not have married into the family if she wasn’t ready. Those two need to get real jobs and people should not tune in to make them millionaires.

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