Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Introduces a Digital Series Strong Black Lens as Part of Its Black History Month Celebrations

Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Introduces a Digital Series Strong Black Lens as Part of Its Black History Month Celebrations

Get ready to experience a 6-part digital series with Strong Black Lead, which explores the journey of Black photographers who have taken some iconic photos of all time. The new series, Strong Black Lens will feature several famous photographers. Karl Ferguerson Jr., David Lee, Isis King, Raven B. Varona, Jamel Shabazz, and so many more will make their entrance in the show and will tell us how they make history.

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What is Strong Black Lens?

Cameras help you capture the entire world in your hands. Photography is so powerful medium, which can speak up for itself when you can’t have the words to define it. So, Netflix is launching a show called Strong Black Lens, where several photographers who are from the Black community come together to share their stories behind the photos and also their journey.

Photos gave you a timeless power. The camera helps the photographers to open up the third eye and they can experience other people’s lives from a different perspective. In the new shows, we learn the kind of thought process photographers have while capturing a photo. “It’s really about how we see and how we perceive the world. It goes beyond race,” says one of photographers in the trailer.

The show will premiere on Still Watching Netflix’s YouTube channel on February 8th at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET. So, do tune in and get insights into a photographer’s mind.

What is Strong Black Lead?

Strong Black Lead is a case study by Netflix, which hires several people of color and gives them the tools so that they can convert their ideas into reality. The marketing team was officially launched in 2018, which makes its standpoint very clear from the beginning that this streaming giant will use its power to amplify voices and creators from the Black community all year, not just during Black History Month.

Strong Black Lead is teaching us a lesson of a positive step in creating a more secular society. Just hiring people of color is not enough. They also need tools and platforms to affect society. And Netflix is doing just that.

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