Netflix’s The Sandman Got THIS Iconic Morpheus Artifact Right

Netflix’s The Sandman Got THIS Iconic Morpheus Artifact Right

When making a show like The Sandman, studios need to be sure that it is as comic accurate as possible. All fans want to watch their favorite comics getting the most authentic adaptations possible. And after being in production for a long time, it looks like Netflix’s The Sandman is heading in the right direction.

Recently Netflix released brand new stills from the upcoming show, one of which gives us a look at the titular character’s costumes. And it seems that Netflix has got the costume right down to the most minute details.

Let us take a look at the major detail that Netflix got right with The Sandman‘s costume.

The Sandman costume seems to be comic accurate

Fans got their first look at one of Dream’s most famous relics in new stills from Netflix’s forthcoming production of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. One of the photographs, seen by Entertainment Weekly, shows Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) wearing his trademark helm while sprinkling a sprinkle of dream sand. 

The real helmet appears to be a genuine, comic-book-accurate reproduction of the relic. The helmet is made by Dream from a long-dead god’s skull and spineThe Sandman will follow the main protagonist on a mission to retrieve his helmet.

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The second image reveals Death

The second new image depicts what looks to be a tense dialogue between Dream and Death (Kirby Howell-Baptiste). It looks to be a reference to The Sandman #8, which features Death for the first time in the tale. However, the true context of the scene is unknown at the moment.

The path for the show creator Neil Gaiman while developing The Sandman was not an easy one. It took Neil a lot of time to see his vision of the show come to light. And now that the project is mere days away from its release, it is great to see that all the time that went into development was fruitful.

What do you guys think about the costume design and the new images? Share your expectations for the series with us in the comments.


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