Netflix’s On My Block Cast Says ‘Goodbye’ With ‘Goodbye Letters’ for One Another

Netflix’s On My Block Cast Says ‘Goodbye’ With ‘Goodbye Letters’ for One Another

Finally, it is over. The end of an era. New beginnings will start for the four of them.

Season 4 of Netflix’s On My Block was aired on October 4th, 2021. The final chapter of the four friends who have gone through a lot, who have been through hell and again gotten back together, is finally over. On My Block’s creators left the end of the show open-ended and hopeful for each one of them.

The ending of the show served as a conclusion, but fans want some more. But, maybe this ending is the best. Brett Grey, who plays the character of Jamal, claimed, “The show is over, but our family is forever.”  

The cast of Netflix’s On My Block shared their goodbye letters

Netflix has shared an official tweet with the cast of On My Block. The quartet touched on their journey so far and commented on what the entire crew meant to them. They all wrote letters about what they would miss about the whole family of On My Block.

Julio Macias, who played the role of ‘Spooky’ Oscar, says, “So, until next time, I want you to be kind to yourself because your work shines when you are. Take the time to breathe, any career choice can wait for a moment.” After hearing these lines from Julio, the entire crew got overwhelmed, especially Jessica Marie Garcia.

Garcia, who played the role of Jasmine Flores, shared her letter. “It hurts my heart writing this letter because it is slowly hitting me. I won’t be Jasmine anymore. Though she is been such a ray of light in my life, the greatest gift of the show has given me you all.”

Diego Tinoco, who played the role of Cesar Diaz, shared his letter, saying, “Our memories together, on and off-screen, will always go down as some of the best times in my life.”

Brett Grey, who played the role of Jamal, said, “The people we have given voices to shared the next goodbye letter. The children who know their dream can be true too because they have seen you all do it.” 

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In the last letter, but not the least, Monse Finnie, who essayed the role of Sierra, said, “We will be the core more forever.”

Their letters overwhelmed fans, and the tears are not stopping. We understand fans, it’s hard to leave them.

Will there be a Season 5?

With season 4, the four friends have left, but Freeridge is still here. Netflix has confirmed a brand new season will come from Freeridge with a new set of friends. But Netflix has not confirmed any official date. We can hope, as fans, that the previous crew will appear in the new season, only for a sneak peek.

As of now, we’re not crying. Oh, wait.

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