Netflix’s New ‘Stranger Things’ VR Game Will Give Fans Vecna’s POV

Netflix’s New ‘Stranger Things’ VR Game Will Give Fans Vecna’s POV

Stranger Things is to Netflix what Walt Disney is to Disney. The series is a brilliant kombucha of horror, mystery, and science fiction genre, and premiered in 2016, skyrocketing to global popularity. To date, no other series has managed to surpass the viewership rating of the show, which has a total of 188 million views every hour. Set up in the fictional town of Hawkins in Indiana, United States, the series is well on its way to becoming a brand.

Looks like paranormal experiments giving rise to superhumans with psychokinetic and telepathic abilities is not the only thing that the US Department of Energy is doing because Netflix just announced a VR game inspired by it. On November 6, which has been designated as “Stranger Things Day” by the OTT Mughal, it was announced that a Stranger Things VR game is in the making.

What is Stranger Things VR game all about?

As we excitedly await a game that much like the final season of Stranger Things is still in the making, much of it is in secret. According to the streaming service and the Duffer brothers, the VR game will only be available in late 2023. And before you start imagining yourself as your favorite Stranger Things character, we would like to stop you in your tracks. Surprising us all, the description of the portal talks about something along the lines of an opportunity to become the ‘He who shall not be named’ of Hawkins, Vecna.

The VR game of Netflix’s flagship entertainment series has taken a new approach. Instead of allowing the fans to defeat Vecna through their favorite characters, the game will instead show you Vecna’s point of view.

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In order to win, you will have to take revenge on unarguably one of the most important characters of the series, Eleven, and her friends. Additionally, Tender Play is responsible for the production of the Stranger Things VR game.

If you are someone who didn’t need the Upside Down to bring you to the VR side, then you may have heard of The Under Presents and Virtual, Virtual Reality, which were also developed by Tender Claws. The game will be somewhat of a consolation to fans who will get to witness the last season of the enigmatic series very soon.

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