Netflix’s Inside Job Season 1 Ending Explained by Creator Shion Takeuchi

Netflix’s Inside Job Season 1 Ending Explained by Creator Shion Takeuchi

Netflix’s latest adult-animated series Inside Job has all the ingredients to become a cult classic. Its quirky characters, absurd humor, and unorthodox plot make it a binge-worthy series.

Netflix released Inside Job on 22nd October, and fans had some unanswered questions at the end of the season. However, fans need not worry as we got the creator of Inside Job, Shion Takeuchi herself, to explain the ending.

A little context about Cognito Inc.

What if a shadow government organization tasked with organizing and maintaining any global conspiracy is your workplace? This is the life of Reagan Ridley, who works at Cognito, Inc., and tries to manage her duties as the supervisor of her chaotic colleagues.

One of her colleagues is her father Rand, who is a former head of the organization. Reagan wants to secure a promotion and be the CEO of Cognito Inc. through all this mess.

However, Takeuchi doesn’t find the situation stressful as she tells Inverse, “That concept of an all-knowing, all-powerful group of people pulling the strings behind the scenes became oddly comforting as the world became more and more chaotic. Man, it sure would be nice if there was a shadow government. When I felt that change within myself, I was like, there’s probably something interesting there.”

All queries solved

In Episode 9, “Mole Hunt”, poor Raegan had a glimmer of joy when she finally got her top spot, but that glimmer wouldn’t last too long. In what we could only describe as an incredible twist, the series revealed a mole had stolen the “Unspoken File”. And the mole was the last person, or well, bear that you’d suspect: Bear-O. Bear-O, who had been programmed to keep Raegan happy at all times, felt that Raegan was unhappy.

In the last episode, “Inside Raegan”, Raegan finds the Access Code to Bear-O, which was buried deep in her sub conscience. In her little expedition, she finds out that she had a friend named Orrin back in 4th grade. Rand had erased Orrin out of her memory, for he had thought Orrin would hold her back.

Akin to Reagan, many people wouldn’t have been very welcoming with this news either. She kicked Rand out of her memories and fixed Bear-O’s problem. After the turmoil calmed, she returned to work the next day full of optimism and purpose, ready to start her new job as CEO of “Cognito 2.0,” as she dubbed it.

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Of course, this entire ordeal proved Raegan wasn’t, to put it lightly, good at her job. This chapter propelled Rand to the top again, and Reagan was back from where she started.

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