Netflix’s Biggest Original to Date ‘Vampire in the Garden’, FIND OUT Everything Including Story, Cast and Release Date

Netflix’s Biggest Original to Date ‘Vampire in the Garden’, FIND OUT Everything Including Story, Cast and Release Date

We can’t stress this enough; Netflix has the most outstanding anime collection ever! In fact, according to a study, at least half of the subscribers on Netflix watch animes every day or have given them a try. Well, when you have such a larger number of people to keep happy, how can you not go all out. Netflix’s new anime, Vampire in the Garden will be the biggest original of the streaming giant.

Vampire in the Garden- New trailer revealed

Wit Studio, which recently established a fan-favorite series in Ranking of Kings, which has garnered substantial popularity within the medium of anime thanks to its unique animation style, is producing the next anime series.

Despite the fact that Wit did not return to animate the last season of Attack on Titan after producing the previous three, it appears that the studio is keeping busy.

Netflix’s Official Twitter Account released a new trailer and poster. It shows fans some of the action that will be included in the spooky anime series.

The new trailer reveals that the show will center on a struggle between mankind and vampires. It also indicates that the next anime series will be as violent as a vampire series can be.

Megumi Han plays Momo, while Yu Kobayashi plays Fine. Ryoutarou Makihara (Hal, The Empire of Corpses) directs the anime. With Hiroyuki Tanaka (Claymore, Hellsing Ultimate) acting as associate director.

Tetsuya Nishio(Boruto) is the character designer, who also acts as the primary animation director. The art director is Shunichiro Yoshihara (Attack on Titan, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure). The art setting is bySatoshi Takabatake and Kazushi Fujii.

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When is the anime releasing?

The trailer reveals a lot about the show, including the release date for the new anime. Vampire in the Garden will be releasing on the streaming site globally on May 16th.

Upon seeing the new trailer, many fans have pointed out the similarity between the character designs of the new anime with the highly popular Naruto series.

This may be true as the character designs for both Naruto and the Boruto series is by Tetsuya Nishio. As a result, the character may resemble each other.

Will you be streaming the anime on May 16th? Let us know in the comments below.

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