Netflix Takes the Center Stage as ‘Entergalactic’ Kicks-Off With the Culture Con 2022

Netflix Takes the Center Stage as ‘Entergalactic’ Kicks-Off With the Culture Con 2022

Entergalactic could not have entered at a better time. This year’s amazing Culture Con highlighted the many faces of color that we would likely see leading the future of Hollywood. And Netflix dazzled the festival by bringing its Original episode consisting of a star cast that perfectly fit into the whole theme. The adult animated music special was rapper Kid Cudi’s creation that was released around the same time as his album of the same name. The special is being dedicated to the deceased designer Virgil Abloh, who was Cudi’s good friend.

Culture Con is a relatively new concept that was formed by Emani Ellis after she noticed a lack of diversity in normal conferences. Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin recently revealed how he felt neglected at his first Comic Con as a result of his skin color. So this conference is made to help people of color who would be able to represent themselves without prejudice, be seen, heard, and given a chance to network for growth within the industry. It also perfectly provided a platform for Netflix’s majorly black cast and crew, including that of Entergalactic.

How Entergalactic rocked the Culture Con

Netflix made sure to take full advantage of Culture Con for promoting their inclusive animated film Entergalactic. The 92-minute special serial was initially supposed to be a series. “Entergalactic is something that we worked on for three years,” said Scott, also known by the stage name Kid Cudi.

The series was highly acclaimed for the visuals and the concept and received positive reviews. It was critically acclaimed for its animation and music. The plot follows Jabari, a budding artist living his best life in New York City. But soon finds himself struggling between career and his photographer neighbor Meadow, who he has fallen in love with. Can the budding genius manage to handle both?

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The special voices Kid Cudi in the lead along with Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, and Laura Harrier, amongst others. Entergalactic is available to stream on Netflix.

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