Netflix Streaming the High-Octane Kakegurui Twin and What Other Animes Are Coming Your Way This Month

Netflix Streaming the High-Octane Kakegurui Twin and What Other Animes Are Coming Your Way This Month

If there is one thing through which Netflix completely dominates its competitors is through its exceptional anime library. Each year the streaming giant has new animes streaming that keeps the viewing experience fresh for viewers. And this year’s anime lineup is simply amazing. The month of august alone has some really great animes getting released, starting with the thrilling Kakegurui Twin.

The spin-off show recently started streaming on Netflix and is a must-watch for all the anime fans out there. But what is the show about, and what other animes are releasing in August? Read on to find the answers.

What is Kakegurui Twin about?

If you enjoyed the first installment of Kakegurui, you’ll adore Kakegurui Twin, which is set to fill you in on the circumstances that led up to Yumeko Jabami, the female lead of Kakegurui, being the finest gambler at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Prior to Yumeko, there was Mary Saotome. Mary was one of the finest gamblers in history. She was fast, strategic, and an all-around A-player. Tsuzura Hanatemari, her buddy, on the other hand, was subjected to constant bullying due to her inability to gamble as effectively as her friends. Fortunately, Mary took Tsuzura under her wing, and they worked together to advance through the ranks at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

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While fans wait for the third season of Kakegurui, its spin-off Kakegurui Twin will be a worthy watch for fans to quench their thirst for some high stake gambling. The show started streaming on Netflix on August 4th.

Animes releasing on Netflix in August

Netflix has a lot of great animes planned for the second half of 2022 which begins in August. After Kakegurui Twin fans can stream the third and much-awaited addition of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 3. The third installment into the game franchise adaptation arrives on August 11th. If these two shows still leave you hungry for more, Tekken: Bloodline, releasing on August 18th, will surely be the perfect way to end your anime marathon.

Which show are you most excited to see? Also, let us know if you are a fan of Kakegurui or not. Feel free to share all your thoughts with us in the comments.


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