Netflix Shares a Peppy Clip With ‘One Piece’ Live Action Adaptation Update, Find Out What It Is

Netflix Shares a Peppy Clip With ‘One Piece’ Live Action Adaptation Update, Find Out What It Is

Very few anime have been able to establish a fan following like the hit and one of the longest-running anime One Piece has done. Its fan base, despite its continuing for 20 plus years, has only grown. Fans of the anime not only follow the series carefully but all the news related to the manga. So when Netflix announced its One Piece live-action adaptation, the fans immediately wanted to know who will be playing the immensely popular characters.

But the wait is over! Just this morning Netflix announced the live-action cast. And we must say things are looking pretty good.

Cast of One Piece live adaptation on Netflix

When casting for a live-action adaptation directors and producers need to make sure the actors look as similar to the characters as possible without makeup. They need to resemble not only physically but through their personality too.

Netflix deserves some credit because they did take their sweet little time in revealing the cast for One Piece and looks like it will be worth it.

Today morning, Netflix uploaded a fun, goofy video announcing its live-action cast on their NetflixGeeked Twitter account. The cast is as follows:

Who is playing Monkey D. Luffy on Netflix One Piece live adaptation?

He is the creator and captain of the fabled and formidable Straw Hat Pirates, as well as one of their most skilled combatants. His lifetime ambition is to locate the famous wealth left behind by the late Gol D. Roger and become the Pirate King.

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Mexican actor Iñaki Godoy has been casted to play Luffy in the live-action series.

Who voices Nami in the live action?

The Straw Hat Pirates’ navigator is known as “Cat Burglar” or Nami. She is the crew’s third member, and the second to join during the Orange Town Arc. She is Nojiko’s adoptive sister, having been orphaned and taken in by Bell-mère.

Emily Rudd will be playing Nami.

Who is playing Sanji in the live action?

“Black Leg” Sanji, also known as Vinsmoke Sanji, is the Straw Hat Pirates’ cook. He is the crew’s fifth member and the fourth to join, having done so at the conclusion of the Baratie Arc. His ambition is to discover All Blue, the legendary chef’s paradise where East Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and South Blue unite, as well as their animals. Along with Luffy and Zoro, he is one of the Straw Hats’ top three fighters.


Sanji will be brought to life on the big screen by Taz Skylar

Who will voice Usopp in the live action?

The sharpshooter for the Straw Hat Pirates is “God” Usopp. He is the crew’s fourth member and the third to join. Yasopp and Banchina had a son named Usopp. He was born and raised in Syrup Village and is Kaya’s close friend and is the “captain” of the Usopp Pirates. He was invited to join the crew after helping the Straw Hats defeat Kuro and the Black Cat Pirates.

Despite his customary timidity, Usopp aspires to be a strong sea warrior like his father and strives to live up to his expectations every day.

Jacob Gibson will be showing his talents while playing Usopp in the series.

To surmise, it looks like a pretty decent cast. But only time will tell if they are worthy of being called the Straw Hats or not? Let us know your opinion about the casting decision in the comments below.

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