Netflix Reimbursement Text: Is It Really Just Bait to Scam You?

Netflix Reimbursement Text: Is It Really Just Bait to Scam You?

Netflix is the largest OTT streaming platform right now and has been for a decade. With its larger-than-life original projects and constantly growing collection of evergreen movies and TV shows, it is rightfully the OTT Mogul. However, quality and quantity come at a price. And while Netflix charges a reasonable subscription fee almost identical to other platforms, there are still people who like to play dirty. Over the years, despite Netflix trying to tackle the issue, there have been many complaints of reimbursement texts received by users. Here are the different varieties of reimbursement text so that you can figure out when it is a scam and when it’s real.

Are the Netflix reimbursement texts real?

After the streaming giant announced that it will not allow users who do not live in the same house to share a Netflix account, people have gone into a frenzy. And some, instead of finding a logical solution, have opted to scam other people. In the summer of this year, many Netflix users tweeted about how they had been scammed through a text message claiming to be from Netflix.

The text message read something along the lines of a Netflix membership payment being canceled along with a link. By clicking on the link, the scammers would easily obtain your login details, card number, and address. Before people go into another frenzy, a Netflix spokesperson has clarified that this does not mean that the site itself has been hacked. In simpler terms, the text is a scam, not the site itself. This wasn’t the first time that such an incident had taken place.

Back in 2020, a similar scam text that would claim that your account was locked was making the rounds. And of course, it included a link. From claiming to give you a free subscription or a half-price offer, the scammers keep taking shape of new and more believable texts. In order to tackle the issue, the OTT Mogul has upgraded its guidelines.

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The OTT platform has added an entire page titled “Phishing or suspicious emails or texts claiming from Netflix.” The page clarified that the streaming giant never at any point requires you to give your personal information on text or email. If you are interested in reading the guidelines, then click here.

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