Netflix Promotes ‘Top Boy’ Season 2 With a Learning on How to Stay on Top

Netflix Promotes ‘Top Boy’ Season 2 With a Learning on How to Stay on Top

Netflix has a really amazing set of releases for this month. Many of the movies and tv shows set for March have already been released. However, Netflix has saved the best for the last. Recently Netflix released season two of the highly anticipated crime drama Top Boy.

After only a day since its release on Netflix, the show is receiving overwhelming reviews from both critics and fans. Netflix also seems to have immense faith in the show as they are promoting the show in great style and grandeur, we might say.

Loyalty before anything

Top Boy is finally back on Netflix. The second season of the show or the fourth, if you count the original Summerhouse series, started streaming on Netflix from the 18th of March.

The show is a British crime drama written and created by Ronan Bennett. The series revolves around Ra’Nell who tries to end the drug competition in his hometown.

The new season was revived after Drake showed interest in the series.

To promote the show and get it all the appreciation and love it so rightly serves, Netflix promoted the show by putting up a billboard in Top Boy style.

Netflix posted a picture of the billboard on their official Netflix Twitter account. Captioning the picture was, “This is how you stay on top.”

On top, indeed. It is a grand way of promoting an equally grand and amazing show.

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Top Boy: Initial reactions from the audience

It has been almost two and a half years since the first season’s release. Fans were eagerly waiting for the newest season, and Netflix’s pre-release event before season 2 heightened the excitement.

But it looks like all efforts paid well for Netflix. As the show is receiving extremely warm reactions from fans. Let us take a look at some of the tweets by fans praising the second season of the show.

By the looks of the initial reaction, fans are left in shock by the surprising ending of season two. We leave it up to you whether you like the new season or not? Top Boy season two is currently streaming only on Netflix.

Do share your thoughts with us regarding the new season of Top Boy.


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