Netflix Plans To Cash In On ‘The Witcher’ Team, As The Power Rangers Movie Gets The Continent’s Support

Netflix Plans To Cash In On ‘The Witcher’ Team, As The Power Rangers Movie Gets The Continent’s Support

The classic television show Power Rangers has an established foot in the world of superheroes starting from 1993 and continuing even today. It has walked three decades of success with pride and now they are planning to emerge as both series and movie on Netflix. The streaming platform has proceeded with the series by signing up talented minds from The Witcher production team. This new series is going to be a unique interpretation of superheroes, departing from its childish plotline created for kids. Let us know more about it. 

The Witcher production team joins the Power Rangers movie

Entertainment One (eOne), the studio concerned with the project, recently brought in the co-executive producer of The Witcher, Jenny Klein. Jenny, who wrote the “Four Marks” episode of season 1, has made a pact of two years with the eOne. According to Deadline, she will be the showrunner for Netflix’s upcoming Power Rangers series.

Meanwhile, British producer Jonathan Entwistle expressed his happiness through a welcome post for Jenny Klein on social media. Both of them will be working together side by side on the enlarging universe of Power Rangers. Klein also conveyed that she feels pride in joining a world-class platform of entertainment. 

“eOne is an impressively versatile home to develop original content, and with its incredible toy box to dig into, it’s such an exciting place to be,” said Klein.

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However, the creation of the Power Rangers movie still does not have a clear picture as Cinemablend only reported that there will be a remake of the previous movie in 2017. This time, the superheroes from the present will travel back in time to save the world. 

Jenny Klein’s previous works

Apart from The Witcher series, several other great shows exhibit Jenny’s talent including The Things About Pam, Cloak & Dagger, Sacred Lies, The Tick, and Supernatural. She also has a show coming up on Amazon named Daisy Jones & The.

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Therefore, viewers can hope to receive something exceptional from the guidance of Jenny Klein in the Power Rangers series. Until then, you can hop on the other versions of the show available on Netflix right now.

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