Netflix Is Putting Viewers’ Knowledge to Test in the Latest Interactive Quiz Show Trivia Quest

April marked the beginning of many exciting new prospects for Netflix. While most of them cater to teenagers and the adult population, the streaming giant has made sure they don’t leave children out of the mix either. One such project for the younger demographic of Netflix users is Trivia Quest. Here’s all you need to know about the show.

What exactly is Trivia Quest?

Most of the population interested in brain games like sudoku and crosswords might be familiar with one called Trivia Crack. The popular game comes from classics like Trivial Pursuit.

In Trivia Quest, viewers will go through 24 questions every day for the entirety of April. Just like any other trivia game, the questions will not be limited to a single category. The Netflix show will test viewers’ knowledge on various subjects ranging from pop culture to science.

What makes this show different from others like Dora The Explorer is that it is interactive. By “interactive“, we don’t mean that a character will ask you random questions and you shall answer, essentially (and tediously, if we may add), to your own self. Trivia Quest is a full-blown game that requires users to click on the answers. It follows a multiple-choice question format. Each episode of the game has 24 questions and will have 30 episodes in total. Viewers will see a new episode on a daily basis through the entire month of April.

What does this mean for Netflix? Will it be a gaming platform?

Last year, Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings talked about expanding the streaming giant into a gaming platform and later a universal experience for users. Disney, for example, is much ahead of Netflix in this regard with movies, shows, and Disney Worlds all around the globe.

Games like wordle are gaining massive popularity. Hence, Netflix is set to make a name for itself in the gaming sector as well. Their first addition to the field is Trivia Quest. Watch out, for we might actually get to play pall-mall from Bridgerton or Red Light, Green Light from Squid Game.

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