Netflix Has a New Dutch Import, ‘Dirty Lines’: Check Cast, Plot, Trailer, Reviews and More

Netflix Has a New Dutch Import, ‘Dirty Lines’: Check Cast, Plot, Trailer, Reviews and More

Set in 1980s Amsterdam, Dutch comedy, Dirty Lines on Netflix will appeal to anyone who likes Glow and Minx. Set during the times when Amsterdam was going through a cultural change. The setting is perfect to tell the story of two brothers who founded the first sex phone line company. Pieter Bart Korthuis wrote and created the series, while Fiction Valley produced it. The entire screenplay is based on Freud Saueressig’s novel 06-Cowboys

What is the plot? 

Dirty Lines on Netflix tells the story of two brothers, Frank and Ramon who thought of a brilliant idea of making sex accessible. This led to the establishment of Europe’s first erotic phone line company, Teledutch. Meanwhile, Marlay Solomon is a psychology student struggling to make ends meet. In need of cash, she joins the Teledutch and soon she realized she can leverage her job to finish her thesis.

Who are the cast members of Dirty Lines on Netflix? 

  • Joy Delima
  • Charlie Chan Dagelet
  • Eric Van Sauers
  • Julia Akkermans
  • Minnie Koole 
  • Chris Peters 
  • Joes Brauers 
  • Abbey Hoes 
  • Benja Bruijning 
  • Andre Dongelmans

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Reviews of the raunchy sex comedy 

This six-part series is rated highly on IMDb. It has acquired a rating of 7.2. But the users’ reviews are quite polarizing.

One writes: “Really good! The first episode you need for the basic plot set up. Then from episode 2 it gets really good. Dirty Lines is rooted in real life. Great actors, and great production. With many funny moments.”

While tokkie235 review reads: “Enough already. Netflix shoving and forcing these woke ideas down your throat. I want to be entertained, not poisoned with snowflake ideas. Start doing what you are paid for. Entertainment please!”

Decider says to stream it. According to it,  “Dirty Lines, created by Pieter Bart Korthuis based on Fred Saueressig’s book 06-Cowboys, takes the right tone when it comes to telling the fictionalized story of the Netherlands’ first phone sex line.” 

Ready Steady Cut gives Dirty Lines a thumbs up, as well, and writes in the review, It has some things going for it, though. It’s snappily written, sometimes pretty funny, and the cast are game. It easily sustains interest throughout its entire runtime, doesn’t outstay its welcome, and wraps things up in a satisfying way.”

Will you stream Dirty Lines today? What are your thoughts on the series? Let us know.

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