Netflix Festival Japan 2021: Details, Schedule, and What to Expect?

Netflix Festival Japan 2021: Details, Schedule, and What to Expect?

The Land of The Rising Sun get ready as Netflix is coming to your home with “Netflix Festival Japan 2021“. The streaming giant has a lot planned for this maiden two-day event. New show announcements, amazing panels, and much more await the audiences on this event that will probably bring Christrams about a month early to the fans of Japan.

You might be wondering about how, when, and what will this whole event be! Well, you do not need to worry at all, as we have got you covered. Here is your guide to the whole Netflix Japan Festival – details, schedule, and everything that we know about it.

Netflix Japan Festival: Details

The Netflix Japan Festival 2021 is scheduled for November 9 & 10, 2021 in the capital city of Tokyo. Netflix plans to introduce a number of titles that will hit the platform this winter. Besides, the festival will also introduce us to an amazing lineup of anime and live-action titles.

The event will feature a plethora of Japanese actors and voice actors. The festival will also host a number of creators from in and outside of Japan who work on Netflix titles.

In the last six years since Netflix started its service in the country, Japan has enjoyed numerous amazing shows and movies that Netflix offers, including international shows and originals from Japan. Japanese shows and animes have also proven to be mass successes on international grounds.

Fans from around the world will be able to stream the whole event live on the YouTube channels of Netflix Japan and Netflix Anime.

The Schedule for Netflix Japan Festival

The two days for the event have been named separately and also have a significance of their own. The event is broken down as –

Anime Day

On the first day of the event, November 9, 2021, Netflix will present titles released between the months of October and December 2021, just at the right time to make our holidays even better. The list includes a couple of new shows like ULTRAMAN, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, Record of Ragnarok, and Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, along with many awaited new seasons like The Way of the Househusband Season 1 Part 2, Super Crooks, and Aggretsuko season 4.

Netflix will also give updates about the new shows that will be making their way in 2022, including Priggan, Thermae Romae Novae, and Drifting Home. The viewers of the festival will be the first ones to see new arts, posters, and trailers of these shows. They will witness the presence of several creators and personalities from the industry who are the people behind the curtains of all the Japanese content.

Live-Action Day

Netflix will be using the second day of the festival to introduce movies including We Couldn’t Become Adults and Asakusa Kid. In addition, new titles will be announced which are set to release in 2022, including the Netflix series The Journalist, Fishbowl Wives, He’s Expecting, and First Love, and the Netflix film Love Like the Falling Petals. The streaming giant will also be announcing many more non-fiction titles that are to be released in the coming months.

On the second day as well, stars from Netflix’s hit shows and movies including Dwayne Johnson from Red Notice, director Rawson Marshall Thurber, Halle Berry (who will make her directorial debut with Bruised), Lily Collins from Emily in Paris, Song Kang from Nevertheless, Matthias Schweighöfer from Army of Thieves, and Asa Butterfield from Sex Education will grace the event. However, these stars will join the festival via special clips.

Japan has always been a hub for absolutely amazing content. The shows and movies from this nation are an absolute delight to watch. TV series like Alice in Borderland and Midnight Diner always catch your attention. The country is also the land of anime, and of course, the whole world loves them for that. Death Note is the prime example of a world-famous anime on Netflix.

You can expect an absolute blockbuster event from Netflix in Japan. So, just grab your popcorn, call in sick from your zoom meets, and stream the “Netflix Festival Japan 2021” live.

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