Netflix Fans Still in Mystery as Thriller TV Series Clickbait Delivers Another Twist

Netflix Fans Still in Mystery as Thriller TV Series Clickbait Delivers Another Twist

It’s been a week, and Netflix fans are still not able to get enough of ‘Clickbait.’ The miniseries that dropped on August 25 is raking accolades as it has become a trend and meme fest on social media.

Audiences are bringing out the detective in them to solve the highly twisted mystery in this Netflix original show. As the chaos in each episode continues, so does fans’ hysteria. Furthermore, being about the digital world, the anonymous Internet, and social media, it is worth experiencing for all. Intrigued to know what’s in and out of the virtual world, people are loving hypothesizing every subsequent scene.

Just like after watching The Social Dilemma, some fans are coming out of Clickbait saying they will uninstall social media, apparently saying so on social media itself.

Presently, Netflix’s official Twitter handle has a Clickbait thumbnail as its cover picture.

The account itself is constantly retweeting fans’ crazy reactions on Clickbait.



Mistrust, who did what, what happens next, how that ends – the questions are endless as you stream Clickbait. Who has it figured out after all has one common answer – no one!

Everyone has just one thing to say – We knew what was happening until we did not know what was happening. The ‘whodunnit’ quarrel follows till the finale until the mystery finally reveals itself.

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What is Clickbait?

We will not leave you with FOMO or give you any spoilers. Clickbait is a thriller drama miniseries on Netflix that has 8 episodes. For people who loved Black Mirror, Dark, and The Social Dilemma, this miniseries is a must-watch. It is based on a family man, Nick Brewer, who gets abducted in a crime with multiple twists and turns. His close people then take to a hunt to uncover who is behind his disappearance and why.

Plot twists after plot twists are what this mystery series is made of. Clickbait, as its name suggests, keeps you in suspense till the very end.

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