Netflix Fans’ Guilty Pleasure, ‘365 Days’ Franchise Releases First 4 Minutes From ‘The Next 365 Days’

Netflix Fans’ Guilty Pleasure, ‘365 Days’ Franchise Releases First 4 Minutes From ‘The Next 365 Days’

The international library of Netflix is getting bigger. It is determined to expand its reach and gain more viewers. To do that, Netflix has opened the window into the world of this dominant Sicilian Mafia Escudero ‘Massimo’. Netflix reveals a few minutes of the upcoming movie The Next 365 Days. Here are more details about it for you. 

This is how The Next 365 Days will be on Netflix!

365 Days is a Polish erotic thriller film. The film is based on the novel trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. The first of the trilogy is 364 Days (2020). The second is 365 Days: This Day, which streamed on April 27, 2022. And now, a third of the sequence is The Next 365 Days. In the movies, the creators have changed some details to give them a more dramatic look. Recently, Netflix released the 4 minutes of this upcoming movie.

The previous movie ended with the biggest cliffhanger. At the end of the previous movie, Anna, Massimo’s ex-lover, shoots Laura. Massimo shot Adriano, who is his twin brother. Nacho shoots Anna to protect Laura. Now, the fate of Anna is unclear in this upcoming movie. Massimo is trying to avoid the gang war after everything that happened. 

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In this video, we can see Massimo standing at a grave, but fortunately, it is not Laura. The grave is of Adriano Torricelli. But there’s no sign of her throughout the video either. In fact, her best friend, Olga, is there at the photoshoot remembering Laura.

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As there have been changes in the plot details in the previous parts of the film, the fans can expect some in this as well. What would Massimo do now? Where is Laura? Why is Olga crying while remembering Laura? We will find these answers when the movie will stream on Netflix on 19 August 2022. Till then, Let’s find out what the fans have to say about it. 

The Fans have mixed feelings about the release!

As much as the movie has received criticism for nudity and sexuality, the movie has got some fans as well. Even if you’re not a fan, you watch this movie at least once.

This sarcastic piece of comment is actually a little harsh.

Some best shows are getting canceled, and this movie is getting another sequel. This viewer is terribly disappointed about it.

When the video was updated on Twitter, people reacted like this. Can they just not make it?

This user says that this is a waste of time.

This is how the internet is flooded with reactions to this 4-minute video of Netflix’s upcoming The Next 365 Days. What do you have to say about this? How are you feeling about this third part of the movie? Tell us in the comment.

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