Netflix Fans Discuss the Likelihood for the Streamer to Open a Theme Park and It’s Not Really Bonkers

Netflix Fans Discuss the Likelihood for the Streamer to Open a Theme Park and It’s Not Really Bonkers

Netflix released more original shows and films than any other American network or cable channel in 2016 alone. While some of them have been bought by Netflix from other networks for distribution, licensing, or production continuation, the iconic red logo remains. Netflix has become so popular that the term “Netflix” has become a verb. Isn’t it crazy?

Netflix has a big strategy for the next five years, including smart speakers for content discovery, HDR cameras for unique films, and even branded apparel. But what is the greatest future possibility? A Netflix amusement park. But for this huge endeavor to become successful, people need to believe in it and like it. So what is the people’s verdict on theme parks with Stranger Things ride and much more? Let us find out.

Will people like Netflix Amusement Parks?

Netflix has over 214 million users worldwide at the time of writing this article, generating around $25 billion in income every year. To put these figures in context, they had only about 22 million users and $1.36 billion in annual income in 2011.

This reflects the company’s evolution as one of the leading actors in the media sector during the previous decade. The streaming giant clearly has the financial strength to join the area, but will consumers be eager for it?

Reddit user u/netflixnpoptarts recently posted a similar question and proposed the idea of what a Netflix park could look like. And we must say the scenario is nothing but awesome.

The user wrote, “They could have a Hawkins with 1-2 high quality rides, a Bojack Horsemen street/store, and Umbrella Academy walkthrough experience, etc.

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The proposition has received mixed responses. While some believe the park may not become a reality as Netflix does not have sole distributing rights to all of their Originals. Some, however, believe that “Bojack Horseman alone would be an awesome theme park.” 

People are also interested in a “Stranger Things land, and a Locke and Key house, they can even do a Squid Game thing.

The idea of a theme park with our favorite Originals like The Witcher, Cobra Kai, and many more is certainly a dream for many. But company CEO Reed Hastings has said that they are no such plans for the foreseeable future.

But let us know in the comments if you guys would like to visit a Netflix amusement park.

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