Netflix Confirms the Return of Love, Death & Robots for Season 3 – Know More

Netflix Confirms the Return of Love, Death & Robots for Season 3 – Know More

Think about some of the most different shows and movies that you can stream across Netflix. There is a 100% probability that Love, Death & Robots will be on the top spot of that list, and if not, you are unquestionably living under a rock. Created by the beautiful minds of Tim Miller (Deadpool) and David Fincher (Mindhunter), the show is a collection of animated short films that are just so exhilarating to watch.

While the first season of this Netflix Original was released back in the year 2019 and the second season earlier this year, fans were eagerly waiting for the third season. Netflix announced Love, Death & Robots season 3 in the trailer for season 2 itself. Hence, fans already knew that 2022 would be the year when that would get more Love, Death & Robots content.

Netflix just confirmed it in a recent Thanksgiving video.

When are we getting Love, Death & Robots season 3?

While Netflix confirmed the release of the show in 2022, along with many other shows. There has been no official announcement about the date for the same. But since Love, Death & Robots season was released during late spring, our prediction is the third season of the Netflix Original will probably hit the streamer in April or May.

The plot for the new season

Since it is an anthology series, it is difficult to predict the plot for Love, Death & Robots season 3. But we can say that, like the first two seasons, they will inspire the episodes from short stories. And a lot of them will make the audiences question the society we live in, just like seasons 1 and 2. The storylines for the individual episodes are something that we and you will find out only when the third season is here. But we are sure they will be of the same quality as long as the talented writer Philip Gelatt returns.

How many episodes will be there in the third season?

The number of episodes is something that concerns the fans of the show. Mainly because the second season had a mere 8 episodes, whereas the first season boasted 18 episodes! So The number of episodes for season 3 can be anywhere between 8 to 18, you never know. But we would recommend you do not expect another batch of 18 episodes from the creators.

I’ll just say what has become volumes two and three, we planned as volume two,” Love, Death & Robots co-creator Tim Miller told Inverse. “And then Netflix said, ‘Hey, is there any way we can get this on the service sooner?’ So this was the way we did it, by prioritizing a batch of them.

Are you excited for Love, Death & Robots season 3?

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