Netflix Brings Three Sisters Getting Entangled in a Conspiracy With ‘Little Women’, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Netflix Brings Three Sisters Getting Entangled in a Conspiracy With ‘Little Women’, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

When it was announced that Louisa May Alcott’s brilliant novel Little Women was being readapted, fans thought they had an idea of where this was going. Additionally, this time the novel was being adapted by the famous South Korean director, Kim Hee Won. She is also the genius who is responsible for masterpieces such as The Crowned Clown and Vincezo. The three sisters, who cared for each other and grew up in poverty, form the crux of Little Women. Netflix dropped the trailer for its highly anticipated Korean remake of Little Women coming in September, and boy were fans left shocked.

Netflix’s South Korean Little Women adds a fun twist to the novel

After witnessing the trailer for the series, it is safe to say that we were all left with our mouths hanging. It is no news to anyone that Little Women has had quite a few adaptations. So when Netflix announced the South Korean adaptation, fans questioned whether it would bring anything new to the table.

However, the trailer for Little Women proved us all wrong, and fans couldn’t be more excited. It is mysterious, thrilling, fast-paced, and extremely intriguing all at once. This is a very new take on the novel, which has mostly birthed brilliant, emotionally wrenching, and heartfelt adaptations of itself. 

What is Netflix’s Little Women About?

Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women is a tale as old as time about three sisters who share a deep bond. They work hard to grow, but the shackles of poverty tie them down. Most of the adaptations of Little Women are set up in the olden times of farms and barns. However, Kim Hee Won and Jung Seo Kyung played very smartly by setting up the story in today’s day and age. This makes the kdrama all the more exciting.

Furthermore, the kdrama stars fan-favorite actors such as Kim Go Eun (Goblin), Nam Ji Hyun (Suspicious Partner), Park Ji Hoo (All of Us are Dead), Wi Ha Joon (Squid Game), Uhm Ji Won (Birthcare Centre), and Uhm Ki Joon (Penthouse: War in Life) in lead roles.

The eldest sister finds a bag with 70 billion won. This leads them to lock horns with the wealthiest family in the country. Will the three sisters be able to win against the powerful? Find out by watching Little Women on Netflix on September 3. 

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