Netflix Brings ‘The Witcher’ Composer Who Created “Toss a Coin…” to the ‘One Piece’ Live Action Series

Netflix Brings ‘The Witcher’ Composer Who Created “Toss a Coin…” to the ‘One Piece’ Live Action Series

The Witcher, a fantasy drama, which is based on a series of books by the same name, has a huge fan base globally. We widely loved the series for its spectacular music, its medieval visuals, and the brilliant acting of all the actors. However, there seems to be speculation about Netflix approaching some creative people who made The Witcher so great. Netflix wants those people to join another series, i.e., One Piece, and make it as great as The Witcher is. Let’s find out more details about who’s going to join this Netflix original.

Netflix wants to create One Piece the only piece

Henry Cavill starrer The Witcher has created a cult of fans who worship the show. The show explores the legends of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Princess Ciri. It has a rich story along with richer representation. However, the music of the show has a separate fanbase. Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli, and joseph Trapanese are the music composers of the show. The original song “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher”, composed by Belousova and Ostinelli and sung by Batey in the second episode, became a viral hit shortly after the series’s release. Therefore, supposedly, Netflix seems to bang on Sonya Belousova, to join the team of its another live-action adaptation called One Piece.

One Piece is an upcoming television series, serving as a live-action adaptation of the ongoing 1997 Japanese manga series of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. Netflix is trying to create this series for a long time now. It seems the streamer doesn’t want to take any risks with the series creation. Therefore, it is trying to get more people that Netflix trusts and who have the potential to take the series to the expected heights as The Witcher is at.

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However, it is noticeable that a fan page tweets the post. If this speculation is true, the fans of The Witcher and the patient fans of One Piece would be so happy to see their favorite composer working in this series. Also, it would be great for the series as a talented artist would work in it. The fans are aware of the skills that Sonya possesses. Therefore, the series would get fantastic music which it actually needs as the anime series already has amazing music.

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What are your thoughts about it? Do you think Sonya Belousova should join the series? Will her musical skills make the series what Netflix wants it to be? If you don’t know about her work, watch The Witcher here and tell us your opinions.

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