Netflix and Fans Celebrate Chris Evans vs Ryan Gosling for a Win but Not of the Stars

Netflix and Fans Celebrate Chris Evans vs Ryan Gosling for a Win but Not of the Stars

Netflix surely knew that pairing Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling in one film would make fans go all bonkers. Recently, the two stars united under the Russo brothers’ direction in Netflix’s The Gray Man. The two men are undoubtedly the hottest actors working in the industry right now. While Gosling charmed the audience with films like La La Land and The Notebook, Chris Evans went for more action-heavy films. The latter is most widely known for his role as Captain America in the Marvel movies. 

And now Netflix has gone one step ahead and put up a billboard that is amusing fans on Twitter. 

Netflix’s billboard antics continue

In its latest Twitter post, the streamer posted its latest billboard update that pits The Gray Man stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and yet calls it a win for all the fans! 

Because chasing after Gosling or having Evans chase you don’t sound too bad if you think about it. 

And, of course, fans had some hilarious reactions to the tweet. 

Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling play rivals in the high-octane action film, The Gray Man. Ryan’s Sierra Six is a highly skilled CIA agent plucked out of a penitentiary to do the CIA’s bidding. However, when he stumbled upon an agency secret, he starts questioning their agenda and ends up becoming the one being hunted. The agency deploys Chris Evans’s Lloyd Hansen, a manic, to track down the disavowed agent and kill him

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Chris Evans on playing a “deplorable” character

Evans revealed that he didn’t want any redemptive qualities present in his character. He wanted to play an out-and-out villain. While breaking down his character, the actor explained, “So even though he is deplorable, he believes that what he is doing is right, that he is good. Lloyd believes that to live the way he lives is too difficult for other people.

The thrilling cat and mouse chase also has No Time To Die’s Ana De Armas, Bridgerton’s Rege-jean Page, and Indian superstar, Dhanush in the mix. The movie will start streaming on Netflix on July 22, 2022.

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