Neil Gaiman Opens the Gates of ‘The Sandman’ for Sean Bean and His Traditional Killing, Following George R R Martin’s Footsteps

Neil Gaiman Opens the Gates of ‘The Sandman’ for Sean Bean and His Traditional Killing, Following George R R Martin’s Footsteps

After an excruciatingly long wait and much anticipation, The Sandman is finally streaming on Netflix. And giving nothing away, it’s safe to say that it was all worth it. The beautiful world created by Neil Gaiman shines on screen, making it one of the most successful adaptations of a comic book collection.

So, what does one do after binge-watching season 1 in its entirety? Speculate about season 2, of course. And we’re not the only ones. Creator of The Sandman Neil Gaiman and the Game of Thrones author, George R. R. Martin, theorize the future of The Sandman. 

Will The Sandman feature a classic Sean Bean killing?

A recent post by Netflix Tudum featured a rather candid and entertaining interview between Neil Gaiman and George R. R. Martin. From a heartfelt appreciation of each other’s work to a former missed opportunity to collaborate, the veteran authors delve into several topics. They also discuss the common performers that appear in both of their live-action adaptations.

English actor Charles Dance plays the ruthless Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones and also embodies the evil sorcerer Roderick Burgess in The Sandman. Comparing the actor’s fate in both the shows, Neil comments on the return of the “poor Charles Dance, who was last seen shot by a crossbow on the toilet.” Martin immediately responds, “Although you treat him rather roughly, too.

Talking about the treatment of Charles Dance brings up another Game of Thrones alum to the limelight. “He (Charles Dance) may be moving up there with Sean Bean in the death derby at this rate,” says Martin, pointing out how they also eventually “killed Sean Bean.” When asked if Neil has partaken in the Sean Bean killing yet, he hilariously answered, “I’m sure we will. Give us time.” George also teased that Neil will probably “bring him (Sean Bean) in and kill him in a later episode.” Can this be a genuine plot point for season 2? A fan can hope, right?

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The many on-screen killings of Sean Bean

Though a phenomenal performer, actor Sean Bean is best known as one of Hollywood’s most killable actors. There are several memes and hilarious photos all over the internet pointing out the same. The English actor’s 40-year stellar career has close to a whopping two dozen on-screen deaths.

Starting from the most prominent and most recent, Sean Bean played the kid-hearted and just Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The main protagonist in season 1, his ruthless beheading not only shocked the fans but also set the tone for the entire show. Another fantasy series that saw a gruesome Sean Bean death was The Fellowship of the Ring, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Bean portrays Boromir, a dangerous and deceitful member of the fellowship, who finally has a redemption arc after he sacrifices himself by getting shot by multiple arrows. 

Another notable death scene was from Golden Eye, back when Pierce Brosnan was James Bond. Playing Agent 006 in the spy thriller, his character is pushed down the satellite in the film’s climax. He even dies in the adaptation of the George Orwell classic Equilibrium. His character, Partridge, is shot because he defied the regime by reading and reciting poetry.

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While we sympathize with Sean Bean and his numerous deaths, we cannot help but wish for his appearance on Netflix’ series. And it won’t be tradition if he doesn’t die, right? Tell us your thoughts and more speculations about The Sandman season 2.

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